How To Tell If Baby Rabbits Are Dead [What To Do About It]

Not sure how to tell if baby rabbits are dead?

If things went according to plan when raising rabbits they would be always born in a nest, out of the way of mommas huge feet, and all warm and cozy…

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Buuuut that has only happened MAYBE 25% of the time. I am constantly moving babies putting them in the right spot or moving the nest out of the way.

So if you are constantly having issues just know that it’s not you. 

How To Tell If Baby Rabbits Are Dead From Being Cold

This is just about the only thing you are going to be able to bring a rabbit back from. There are several other reasons that I will explain later.

If the kit looks dead from being cold but is possibly resuscitable (wow that’s a big word) the kit will feel cool and be stiff. If the kit is cold, limp, and with no movement what so ever then it’s too late to bring it back. 

rabbit nest with fur

Here are the best ways to warm a baby rabbit that looks dead. Even if you think it is too late you might as well try to warm it up. Better to be safe than sorry. 

Top Ways To Warm A Baby That Is Cold

  • Use a hairdryer on low heat. – Hold the hairdryer 12-18 inches away. You don’t want to burn the rabbits. Make sure to put the babies in a basket with a cloth in the bottom to help you contain them if they start wiggling you don’t want to drop them. 
  • Heating pad – This is a great way to try and warm them up
  • You can also try immersing them in warm water. Obviously, make sure to keep their heads above the water and dry them off really well once they are active.


  • Your own body – This is some people’s favorite method and if I had to.. well ok but I’m not a fan of having little wigglers in my bra. 

DO NOT use a heat lamp like you use for chicks. These put off too much heat and you will cook the kit. 

Once the kits feel warm to the touch (you may not get them 100% back to normal) but moving and mostly warm is good enough to put them back in the nest. 

If you want to bring the whole nest inside to keep an eye on them for a bit you can do this too. 

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General Tips To Keep Kits Warm

Mommas fur is the most important thing to keep a litter warm. If your doe has not pulled fur you can often encourage her by plucking fur from her belly and dewlap.

If you have a doe that has pulled an excessive amount of fur then take some of that and put it in a bag. You can use that with a doe that has not pulled enough if necessary.

How Cold Can They Handle

For newborn litters, if it is above 45 degrees at night they will be fine if they stay under the fur. BUT if they wander out of the nest they need to be found within 30 minutes or they will die.

If you have a decent size litter and they have fur but don’t have their eyes open they can handle just at freezing temps. 

If it starts to get below 30 degrees I would bring them into a warmer (but not as warm as your house, the change will be too much of a shock) area like a garage. 

Other Reasons Your Baby Rabbit Might Be Dead

Raising rabbits is not an easy thing. Momma rabbits don’t always do their job and things just go wrong. 

  • Baby rabbits might not be getting fed.
  • The kit got stepped on. 
  • They wandered out of the nest and got cold.
  • GRAPHIC WARNING ——————————- The doe ate all of part of the kit. Yes, this happens more than I would like to admit. The reasons are just a guess. But often there is something wrong with the kit or the doe gets a screw loose. If your doe does it more than once I would not keep breeding her. It can be a bad habit you don’t want to pass on to feature generations.

How To Tell If Baby Rabbits Are Dead From Not Getting Fed

I have a whole blog post on this and how to hand feed them here. 

The kit will start to get wrinkles across the back like this image below

baby rabbit not getting fed with lines across its back.

The stomach will start to look flat and eventually, the kit will become extremely skinny. It will take about 3 days before the baby will die. So this will leave you some warning and time to fix the problem. You should be able to hand feed the kits so make sure to read this post if you think you are losing kits of this.

How To Tell If Your Baby Rabbit Died From Getting Stepped On

I have big rabbits so this happens white often.

If the kit has been stepped on they will often be outside the nest and be soft and playable from below the ribs. You may even see some discoloration (blue/green in color) in the midsection indicating internal bleeding. 

If you are having trouble with this read this post I have on what to do if your mother rabbit is stepping on her babies. 

PSA: this is assuming you do not have a colony set up or have other rabbits with the mom and litter. I do not recommend having multiple rabbits together ever. 

That last reason for a baby rabbit dyeing I’m not going to explain. That should be pretty obvious. 

Losing rabbits sucks. Flat out. This can be a big reason I see people give up raising them. But do your best to not let your heart get attached until they are closer to 10-14days old. 

It takes time to learn to protect your heart but it is so worth it.

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