How To Stop Cell Phone Addiction Without Going Cold Turkey

Do you feel a little off balance when you don’t have your phone so you want to know how to stop cell phone addiction?

It is a good idea for everyone no matter what kind of life you lead to get unplugged from technology at times. But this does not mean that we have to completely disconnect for the rest of our lives or hide out in a mountain cabin to avoid the lure of technology. (Personally, that sounds like the best life ever) 

Distractions can keep you from focusing on the truly important elements related to the success of your business as well as your personal life.

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The good news is that your connection to the online world does not have to dominate your life anymore.

You can regain control of your life, set daily limits, and find ways to reduce your connection to technology without having to be completely disengaged from technology all the time if you apply these practical tips.

This post is about theaching you how to stop cell phone addiction without going cold turkey.

Negative Effects Mobile Devices Can Have

I don’t think I have to tell you what a smartphone addiction can cause. You already know the issues it can have in your life or you wouldn’t be looking up how to stop your addictive behavior.

If you start making small changes you will see big GOOD changes in your daily life. 

There are two big things that social media apps and excessive cell phone use will cause. 

Even if you may not see it outright comparison is a big one. Seeing ads, and things that influencers have and feeling like they are the standard you have to live up to. 

And the feeling that you HAVE TO answer people back right away no matter what method they used to contact you. 

These tips will help you stop those feelings and help you create a happier life.

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Know What Is Causing You To Pick Up Your Phone

I don’t think you have to completely get rid of your phone to stop your cell phone addiction BUT I do think you need to know why you are constantly reaching for your phone or why you get stressed if you don’t have it. 

Is it social media, emails, your farm business stats, checking your investments, or texts from people around you?

The best way to stop a phone addiction is to change your mindset. And changing your mindset will change your habits.

In this day and age, we are pretty much stuck with using a smartphone. While you can go back to using a landline if you choose. You are going to have a difficult time getting a hold of someone out in public if you get stuck on the side of the road. Or you end up in a dangerous area.

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Find Ways To Stop The Compulsive Behavior

Constant Stat Checking: If it is checking social media posts for your farm business then create a paper checklist for you to write down the stats that you want to track. Then when you catch yourself grabbing your phone, look at the list and if you have already written down the numbers for the day you have to put the phone down. 

Mindless Scrolling: If you find yourself mindless scrolling after you have posted something for your business account, find a way to post to your social networks while OFF of the app. Social media scheduling apps will post for you so you never have to go onto the app. Using the Facebook business app is a great way to post on your Facebook page and Instagram account and never have to go on the apps. Which in turn causes you to scroll.

App Hoping: Limit the number of social networks you are on. You don’t need to be on multiple social networks. You only need one. Or none if we are being totally honest. If you use one app to communicate with people then let that be your social platform. 

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Start Changing Little By Little

Don’t expect your addictive behavior to change overnight. They aren’t going to. 

You also need to start with one habit. Mater it. Feel good about doing that habit before adding another habit to your life. 

You can’t expect to go from 50 to 0 screen time right away.

Don’t Have Your Phone By Your Bed At Night

Once I started charging my phone on my desk at night which is at the other end of the house instead of by my bed I saw drastic changes. I wasn’t scrolling social media or seeing texts that would come through at 9 pm at night for the rabbitry business. Leaving my mind filled with should do’s or feeling like I need to answer that person.

I am so much more at peace and I can “leave work” at work even though it’s at the other end of the house.

Your sleep is disrupted because of light that is transmitted from phones and tablets. It is difficult for the brain to turn off as a result, which makes it harder to fall asleep.

When your device is not near your bed, you won’t be checking it before you go to sleep or when you first get up. You will feel more relaxed and will be better rested. 

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Set A Day Or Two A Week To Go Offgrid

Whether it is going off of social media or simply not feeling obligated to answer emails over the weekend create a routine around that. 

I do this in the rabbitry where I have all over the place on my site and in autoresponders posted that I will answer messages during the weekdays but on weekends I don’t. 

This can be hard but you have to resist the urge to answer those DMs

But designating one day or night per week when you are away from your phone, tablet, or computer will allow you to re-engage with yourself, your family, and friends.

You don’t have to inform people if you don’t want to. Don’t make a big deal about it because your body will start to feel the emotions of it and make a big deal out of it.

Only if you are going to be gone for several days or over a week should you let people know you are taking off so they don’t worry about you. But most people don’t even notice.

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Engage In Real-Life Activities

Learn to relax and embrace peace and quiet by performing activities that do not require access to technology. Oh this can be tough. You have to try it a few times before you start to get in the grove. 

You won’t be good at it at first. But if you keep trying you will soon realize how good your daily life is.

Go biking or hiking to enjoy the great outdoors. Or maybe you need an extra-long soak in the hot tub to relax, which you have not been able to do for a long time.

Spend some time reading some books or trying that skill you have always wanted to learn.

Spend Your Time With Friends In Person 

Instead of spending an hour or so texting with a friend that lives nearby, tell the person that you would rather chat in person.

Meet up for coffee at your place or a nearby coffee shop. Bonding in person will revitalize both of you. If you can’t meet in person, make a phone date so you can enjoy that one-on-one attention and conversation. 

Even if it is once every few months it is far more healthy than reading text on a screen.

Create A Space That Does Not Require Technology

It’s near impossible to forego technology completely in your life but you can certainly remove your business technology from your private living quarters.

This way you won’t be distracted after hours, wondering what more you can do for your business while your family and friends wait not-so-patiently for you to finish.

Move your laptop, tablet, and mobile phone into a separate space; a spare bedroom or your home office are great locations. You do not have to be with your technology twenty-four hours per day. Placing your technology in a separate space means that you have to go there to access your devices. This will enable you to stop yourself if realize you are walking to the device to “check something real quick”.

That old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind,” is on target in this example. This strategy will reduce the number of times that you engage with your technology.

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The Problem With Using Phone Usage Limiting Apps

The root of overusing these devices is a lack of control. A lack of willingness to tell ourselves no to immediate pleasure or escape. 

These apps are ok to some degree but the problem with them is you are not learning impulse control. If you absolutely need to use them to help you set healthy limits on your phone usage then by all means try it out.

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Technology is a wonderful invention but if we don’t create our own usage rules or boundaries, it can overtake our lives. Finding a balance can be tricky but not impossible if you start off with these tips. The key is to not feel bad about it if you slip up. These apps have an addictive design for a reason. So just be willing to say ops I messed up and course correct the next day. 

If you give it some time you will start to feel so much happier, have more emotional stability, and be more in the moment of your everyday life. It’s almost like a digital detox and once you feel the power of it you won’t want to go back. 

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