How To Raise Rabbits

Whether you have a few years under your belt with rabbits or you are brand new to raising rabbits on your backyard farm, I’ve got something for every stage of the game.

Your #1 Assignment: Start creating goals for your rabbitry with the free farm goals planner AND use that as your guide to help you make the best decisions to start setting up your rabbitry.

Rabbit Care and Maintenance

There is so much to know about raising rabbits that it can feel a little overwhelming when you are first getting started. How to raise rabbits with general care all the way down to how to get the best results and get your rabbits to fill out the best. To tips and tricks for raising rabbit litter. I’ve got you covered with almost every aspect of raising rabbits. And some things that may go against the norms. BUT I am here to tell you the facts that I have learned in my 20+ years of raising rabbits so you can succeed.

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Farm Goal Planner

This can be used for any size of homestead, rabbitry, or backyard farm because it is all about YOU and creating goals that you want to achieve. You have to put the address in the GPS before you drive the first mile. This farm goal planner is your GPS for living your dream country lifestyle. Get Your Copy Now!

Most Important Posts You Should Read About Raising Rabbits

These are the posts I think everyone needs to read in order to have a solid grasp of raising rabbits. There are some things I see missing in the rabbit information world and these are the ones that are key to your rabbit-raising success.

Most Important Posts You Should Read About Raising Litters

These are the posts I think everyone needs to read in order to help them with raising rabbit litters. Having kits (baby rabbits) is not an easy thing. But these are the most important things I have learned over the 20+ years I have spent raising rabbits and I hope they will help you on your rabbit-raising journey.

Profitable Rabbitry Playbook

Learn MOre
rabbit care ebook

Complete Beginners Care Guide

Rabbit Pedigree Template

What I Feed My Rabbits

I’ve got some different opinions than most people on the internet these days about feeding rabbits. I truly believe that if you have a commercial rabbit feed that is designed to be a complete rabbit ration. They don’t need anything else.

So many people want to know what I feed so I added it here for easy access. My rabbits are fed pellets and water daily then anything outside of that is given as treats only.