How To Put Outfits Together That Make You Feel Confidant

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Knowing how to put outfits together can feel overwhelming. Especially if fashion isn’t really your thing.

You know you want to look nice but you still don’t know what your own personal style is. If you didn’t have family that wore a style you like it can feel like clothes will never be something you feel confident in.

But let me tell you now that it IS possible to figure it out. You just have to be open to trying things and listen to how you FEEL with certain styles on.

A perfect example of seeing something you like but not feeling good in it was when I was looking for a wedding dress. I thoughts I would want a very classy lace dress with lots of detail and a close-fitting cut.

But every time I would put one of those dresses on it just wasn’t me.

On one of the many stops, we made to look at dresses my sister had me try on this more simple but classy dress that still had the shape I wanted but not quite as much detail.

And you know what? It was perfect. I felt at home in the dress. So you see sometimes what we THINK is our style really isn’t. But you won’t know until you try it.

When it comes to everyday clothes I have gotten pretty good at picturing myself in certain things and listening to the FEELINGS that come up inside.

That is what you should practice doing too.

You need to wear clothes that make you feel empowered and motivated. Whether that is a pair of nice jeans and a graphic-tee or a power heals and a pencil skirt.

Fashion did not come easy for me for years. I hated almost everything I wore because it wasn’t what I felt good in. Bright bold colors and patterns just aren’t for me.

But once I took the time to just look through styles and slowly switch over to the style that I liked the most. I can finally say I felt confidant in my clothes.

a four piece outfit.

Think About What You Like And Don’t Like

Now I want you to start with what you do know. Colors you like, patterns you don’t, different cuts that you don’t feel comfortable in.

And if you have no idea what does feel good. Then it’s time to do a try-on. Go to your closet and put on a basic color pair of pants and start trying on tops. Do you like it or not. What DO or DONT you like about that top. How does it make you feel to have it on?

Also be aware that some days you are just not going to be in the mood to wear bright colors and patterns. But other days you can pull it off with no problem. If it is one of those days you just aren’t feeling good about yourself put those pieces to the side and try them on again later.

Here are my personal style do’s and don’ts:

  • I hate ruffles. (If there is a fold that looks like it could be a ruffle I don’t want it)
  • I don’t like bright pinks. (I have one shirt I bought that is pink because I loved the saying but that is pretty rare that I will let that slide.)
  • If it is too short I won’t buy it. ( Wearing clothes that make you feel “bigger” than you are will make your self-esteem it rock bottom)
  • If the cut is too flowy it’s a hard pass.
  • No colors or patterns that are too hard to match.
  • Boot-cut jeans all the way.

It might take you some time to figure out what you like but go through the clothes you have a see what you come up with. It’s a process.

Choose Your Foundation Peice

The foundation piece is simply the piece you want to build your outfit around. Its not one particular item.

So it could be a top you want to wear that has some pattern in it. OR you could choose your bottom (which are often more simple) and then choose your top to go with it.

You could be like me and base your outfit by your plan for the day and the weather outside. If its cold and rainy you might want to swap those Bermuda shorts for jeans and close-toed shoes…

Whichever the case pick your “one piece” you want to build your outfit around.

Take Notice Of Your Foundation Piece

Look at the item you chose. Is it bold or colorful? Do you need to choose an item that will complement or be a bit more subtle?

Choose Your Complementary Piece

Choose the next item that will complement the foundation piece you chose. So if you chose dark wash jeans then you can be a little more adventurous and choose a patterned top or one with a design.

If the item you chose was a pattern or the “focus piece” then you should choose a piece that is a bit more subtle.

The point is to not have a visual battle going on to where people don’t want to turn and look away when they see you coming.

Choose Necessity Items

I am a person that NEEDS to feel comfortable in what I am wearing. Meaning my cloths have to make sense for the day.

So oftentimes I think about what is the weather likely to be and what items do I need to wear to feel good about myself and the outfit. If I wear a long-sleeved shirt on a day that ends up being 80 degrees I am going to be really frustrated and uncomfortable.

If it is going to be cold do I need a cardigan or sweater? Is it going to rain? Do I want to make sure to wear close-toed shoes?

See where I am going with this?

Accent Pieces (If Needed)

This comes last because what if some of your necessity items where accent pieces. Meaning if it is cold outside and you are going to wear a hat or scarf then you have already taken care of the acescent pieces.

Or you could need to add something small. There is nothing worse than an over done outfit.

sweater, scarf, hat, and mittens... Outfit accessories.

Outfit Do’s And Don’ts

Now I am going to give you a heads-up and say I am a trend rebel. I don’t give a flying fart if wearying two patterns on the top and bottom is in. I WON’T DO IT!

My goal is to help you feel classy, put together, famine, and confident in something YOU like to wear. And going crazy with patterns and styles are not going to help you at all.

  • Chose 1 (ONE) pattern in your outfit.
  • If your top and bottom piece is a solid color and you are going out. Use a scarf or necklace to break it up.
  • Use complementary or contrasting colors together. (If you’re not sure if something matches just don’t wear it). If you have a hard time matching colors this tool is FREAKING AWESOME. It is meant for marketing graphics but it helps you match colors so easily.
  • If two bright colors feels like too much for you. Don’t wear it. There are some colors that I see put together that do match but I’m thinking “Um yeah no, not gonna do it”.

Simple Items That Will Finish Off An Outfit

These are simple but necessary items are great to have in your back pocket to help finish off an outfit. Sometimes we overcomplicate things when we don’t have to. If you have a few of these items that literally match everything will help you finish off an outfit quickly.

  • Knee length skirt
  • Knit sweater or cardigan <– I will link these once I find a good option… At the moment going into summer does not leave a lot of choices in simple colors.

Nude Flats

White Button Up Shirt

I wanted to find a few different options for these.

Banana Republic – Dillon Classic-Fit Shirt

Eddie Bauer – Departure 2.0 Long-Sleeve Shirt

Loft – Tunic Shirt

How To Put Outfits Together Check List

Need a short step by step list of how to put outfits together? Here you go! Oh and if you need to take a screenshot of the check list below for the next time you are staring aimlessly in your closet wondering how to put outfits together.

  • Write down your likes and don’t likes.
  • Start with your foundation piece.
  • Take notice of your foundation piece.
  • Choose your complementary piece.
  • Choose necessity items
  • Choose your Accents.
Cloths hanging on a cloths rack

Knowing how to put outfits together that make you feel good in your own skin takes time. You have to become a student of your own style. But if you stay patent and ONLY get the things you really love. You will soon have a closet of clothes you love.

If you feel yourself reaching to buy a shirt because its a good deal. Stop and ask yourself will I reach for this often? If not you might need to rethink it.

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