7 AWESOME Tips How To Make Christmas Come FASTER That You Have To Know.

Let’s make Christmas come faster as soon as the weather turns cold can crispy and the fall colors fade shall we? Warm fireplaces. The smell of burning pine. Baked goods fill the room.

Christmas decorations to make Christmas come faster

The chatter of family filling the house. The sound of a slight tear of paper breaks your thought as a small child tries to see what is inside a beautifully wrapped box.

Sounds amazing to me! I love counting down the days to Christmas.

Wanting to know how to make Christmas come faster is something I can defiantly get behind. While the world might feel like it is falling apart Christmas somehow pushes all of the bad to the back burner.

dog laying in front of the couch with a Christmas tree to the left.

Before you go any further I want you to make this season something YOU and your family will enjoy. Don’t feel like you have to do something if it’s not your thing. 

My husband’s grandma makes everyone sign Christmas carols in this small room and it’s awful. Everything feels acquired. If you don’t to Santa Claus then don’t. Love making snow forts? Then go for it. 

How To Make Christmas Come Faster By Knowing What IS Christmas

Christmas is a feeling. That is why we love it. There is a sense of new and exciting things that is to come.

New decorations come out of storage and are set on your end table or mantle.

psst… even if you bring out your old family heirlooms your brain still thinks they are new. More on that in a sec.

So in order to make Christmas feel like it is coming faster, you need to play on your senses. Butttt… Start slowly. If you bring everything you love about Christmas to the surface too early your Christmas decorations will get boring before you can say Ba humbug.

Start Doing Fun “Christmassy” Things

Fun activities are a great way to make the holiday season feel closer.

Start doing things that tell your brain. “Hey, Christmas is coming”.

Things like:

  • Make a list of the people you want to get gifts for.
  • Christmas card list.
  • Baked goods you would like to make.
  • Plan out all of the places you will get to go and people you will get to do a video call with. (Google will find some awesome places for you to check out this time of year.)
  • Find fun local outdoor places to go.
  • Classic holiday movies you want to watch.
  • Do things for others.
  • Advent calendars
  • Create a Christmas countdown calendar or paper chain.
  • Take time with friends.
  • Do a family night with video games if that is something your family likes.
  • Make cards to take to people in nursing homes.
  • Holiday crafts like snowflakes. 
  • Set up your Christmas tree with lights. 

The basic idea is to make your Christmas bucket list.

warm chocolate drinks

How To Make Christmas Come Faster With Your Senses

Let’s say you are starting to get the warm feelings on the first of October wanting Christmas to come faster. I want you to pause and think. What is it that gives you the warm fuzzy feelings of Christmas?

List those things out. Is it the smell of Christmas tree’s, baked goods, or the warmth of a fire? Just think about those things and I will show you how to get do some of those things.

Then choose that one thing to make a reality in your real life. If it is the warm smells then find a candle you love, plan to make one baked good once a week.

Christmas tree with ornaments

Take Down The Opposites Of Christmas

Start in the places you spend the bulk of your time like your home office, work area, or your living room, and take down anything that does not give the Christmas vibes.

Takedown things like floral wall hangings, pink accent pillows, funky-colored blankets, and bright flowers in your displays. Anything that is in direct competition with Christmas, winter, cool weather, or neutral-type decor.

Pro Tip: Start Getting Gifts Early

This will help with the pinch you feel this time of year but it will also help you get in the holiday spirit.

Check out Our Gift Guide

How To Make Christmas Come Faster With Smell

This is going to be something you have to decide for yourself. What smells make you feel like it’s Christmas? Is it the smell of fresh pine, warm cinnamon baked goods?

Swap out any floral scents for the smells of Christmas. Wax melts are awesome if you are worried about flames.

Here are some great options for wax melts and candles on amazon. Scentsy is a bit higher priced than the ones you can get at Walmart for a few bucks BUT they are well worth it and last a lot longer.

Christmas Candles

Some of my favorite wax melts.

Scentsy Bar Autumn Sunset – See On Amazon
Scentsy Cozy Fireside – See On Amazon
Scentsy Christmas Cottage – See On Amazon
Scentsy Clove and Cinnamon – See On Amazon
Scentsy Baked Apple Pie – See On Amazon

How Candles Help Christmas Come Faster

Y’all know I love me some candles. There is something about the warmth and the flame that bring a cozy vibe to your home.

So here are some of my favorites. If you lose me in a store check by the candles.

Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle, Autumn Wreath

While it isn’t a “Christmas scent” it brings a warm smell and cozy feeling to the room.

Check It Out On Amazon

(another one of my favs) Yankee Candle, Balsam & Cedar – See On Amazon

Pro tip from a candle hoarder. They will start to lose their sent after about a year. So even if it is tempting don’t buy too many at once. RESIST!

How To Make Christmas Come Faster With Sounds

This is one that probably needs to wait until you hit November but if you know yourself well enough to not lose your mind hearing Christmas music then go for it.

Listen to things like classic Christmas music. It is the nostalgia of the old classics that make our surroundings feel more Christmassy.

How To Make Christmas Come Faster With Site

This is a big one and you need to take it in phases. Your eyes tell you so much.

Start adding things that aren’t necessarily “Christmas” but give that warm cozy feeling. Put throw blankets and pillows on the furniture. Sit rustic/farmhouse style winter décor on your displays.

If you have a way to even imitate a fireplace it works so well. Here are some cozy fireplace alternatives on amazon.

If you don’t have a fireplace…

Compact Electric Fireplace Stove

This is a great affordable alternative to having a fireplace that gives a warm cozy feeling to a room. It is pretty small only 18″ tall so it would be great for a bedroom or small living room that you would love to add a fireplace to but don’t have the space.

Check It Out On Amazon

Ameriwood Home Lamont Mantel Fireplace

This one is more mid-range pricing and would go with all styles. It would come to the elbow of a 5’10” person. So a great price for the size.

Check It Out On Amazon

Classic Flame Pioneer Stone Electric Fireplace Mantel Package

This one is absolutely beautiful and would be a beautiful addition to any farmhouse-style room.

Check It Out On Amazon

Both of these fireplaces have 4.5 star reviews so that is pretty hard to beat great prices too.

After Thanksgiving You Can Go Nuts

After Thanksgiving, you have my permission to go little nuts. You can put your Christmas tree out sooner but you run the risk of getting tired of it too soon.

Choose a theme or color palette for a room. This helps the room all work together and not compete. You don’t want bright reds and golds looking classy on one side of the room and then white, sliver, and icy blue with fictional characters on the other.

What is your favorite Christmas decoration?

How Many Days Until Christmas Counters

We have to count the days until Christmas right? I mean where would the fun be in that if we didn’t? Here are some fun how many days till Christmas counters.

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