7 Ways To Make A Room Feel Cozy

Trying to figure out how to make a room cozy feel cozy? I’ve got you covered sister!

There are so many different things that you can do to make your home feel extra special and a lot of them don’t cost you a thing. Most of what makes a room work together are the choices you make in the layout and decor of the room.

Even if the weather outside is, well…. not so warm. You can make any room in your house feel warm and cozy. You have to just have to play on your senses.

I want you to close your eyes (when you are done reading this post of course) and think of that special place you love to go. What is it that gets you excited and warms your heart to be there?

Is it a plate of cookies you know will be waiting for you? My favorite aunt is the cookie queen!

cookies, measuring spoons with flower, chocolate chips

When you walk into Grandma’s house or that special family member’s home, there is a sweet spirit and welcoming feeling when you come in. Why is that? What makes someone’s home have that extra special spark?

Think about the things you love when you are at someone else’s home.

Here are a few things that you can do to help bring that feel into your home.

How To Make A Room Feel Cozy Through Sight

I love to be nerdy about these things…

Our eyes are the first thing inside a room before our foot even hits the floor on the other side of the threshold. From the first crack of the door your mind is reading the situation. The feel of the room, the moods of people in the room, seeing if there are any threats on the other side of the door. This might seem like a bit dramatic but it is how your mind is wired.

You can make a judgment on a situation without anyone making a sound. Look at the image below… You can tell a lot just by what you see.

Picture it, lots of talking and dishes clanking. The smell of food and the feeling of high energy is in the air.

See what I mean?

people eating at a table

Use this to your advantage when making choices about how you decorate your home. Making a home feel cozy means taking a pass on the crazy looking modern art piece.

Low Warm Lighting For Cozy Vibes

Lighting will be the difference between mid-century dungeon and warm safe haven for your home.

After a three-month-long full livingroom remodel we ended up putting these lights in the living room on a

TORCHSTAR Essential Series 12W 6 Inch Recessed Lighting, Dimmable Ultra-Thin Ceiling Light, ETL and Energy Star Listed Can-Killer, 2700K Soft White, 100W Eqv, 5 Years Warranty, Pack of 6

You want the soft white. I know it looks yellow in the image but that is way off.

These are perfect to lower the room lighting to a warm and cozy vibe or crank it up when you need to work on a project.

If putting new lighting in your home isn’t an option. Here is a night lamp to accent a corner. Having an end table lamp/side lamp in as many corners as possible will still give the warm feel but also have plenty of lighting.

Flames Add A Cozy Vibe

If you are blessed to have a fireplace then take advantage of it. Even if it is just an electric heater like this one or a pellet stove with a warm glow will give the illusion of a fireplace. The low warm flicker makes a home fill with a welcoming warmth.

Here are two other options if you are wanting to add a fireplace to your room.The black free standing options is more budget friendly but also a good size.

Candles: If you do not have a fireplace, candles will do quite well in their place. Have them in the center of the room or on each end-table next to the couches or recliners. Smells like fall wreath or mountain lodge are perfect for adding a warm cozy feel.

cozy warm candles

Warm colors: Don’t go repainting your home:) But decorating in warm colors or neutrals for your walls are much more welcoming then colors like white or blue walls.

If you are into farmhouse vintage then Lizamarieblog has some great posts on finding paint colors.

Make A Room Cozy With Texture

I used to think texture was one of those things that the cool kids said. But let me tell you, texture makes a huge difference. You don’t need to go crazy. Just a small amount will do the job.

Pillows and Blankets: Add a few throw pillows or small lap blankets to the chairs and couches. It will add style and a “comfort item” for people to use without having to ask if they feel a little chilly. This knitted throw would make anyone want to cozy up with it.

If you don’t have throw pillows already Amazon has some great options for plan throw pillows linked here, then you can buy whatever colors you want. If you buy throw pillow at a home decor store you are looking at spending close to $40 each. You can get away with spending about $15 if you go this route.

Add Greenery To Make A Room Feel Cozy

Adding the visual of life in a room pulls people in and tells them that this is a healthy environment. Told you I’m a nerd about this stuff.

It doesn’t matter if you add live or fake plants to the room. Either way the are perfect for adding texture and life to a room.

Ready to try your hand at live plants. Here are some tools that will help you do that.

live plants to make a room feel cozy

How To Make A Room Feel Cozy With Smell

You have to know how to make a bedroom cozy with smells very carefully. Smells can make or break a setting. It does not have to be overpowering. There is nothing worse than trying to rest with an overpowering scent that you can’t get away from. Whether it is a guest room or your own.

Just a simple hint of spiced apple or warm pumpkin will make anyone smile. Avoid smells that can cause people to feel ill like strong lemon or birthday cake type scents. Yep, they are out there.

  • Baked goods: Nothing says welcome better than baked goods such as cookies or warm bread.
  • Candles or wax melts: Pine (my personal favorite for the cold months) gives a more cozy feeling. But apple pie, mild cinnamon scents such as cinnamon rolls, pumpkin pie are all great options to give a warm feeling to your home. Something like this fall collection would be perfect. Wax melts are something you definitely want to buy the better brands if you can. Cheap ones for under $2 a pack only last a few hours where others you can get several days out of.

I love to have candles going even if no one is coming over. If you are concerned about the fire hazards of candles or if you are like me and have large doggie tails wagging around your home you have to make sure to keep them in a safe place.

This makes the wax warmers a great alternative, you will still need to make careful where you place them. But you will not have to worry about them getting knocked over and starting a fire. My saint bernards white fluffy tail has been stained by a red or green wax melt a time or two.

Creating A Warm Home With Personality

I believe this is the most important thing in creating that special place where people want to be. Even when you have been overworked to get ready to have a house full of people. Simply keeping a smile on your face and a sweet tone in your voice will let them know you are glad to see them.

Ladies, we set the mood for our homes if we have a gracious and smiling heart it will be contagious and spread to those in our homes. Let’s create a wonderful spirit in our homes this season and keeping it throughout the rest of the year.

It’s seldom the massive amount of decorations all over the house or the huge pile of gifts, or piles of food on the table. Even though those things are nice that’s not likely it. Its the feel of the home. The love and kind spirit that the people bring out in each other. While I am going to share some actionable tips you can use in your home I don’t want you to pressure yourself to go buy these things if you don’t have the budget.

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