How to Learn About Starting A Business With 9 Simple Steps – Number One Is Amazing

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So you want to know how to learn about starting a business? First, let me tell you it isn’t easy. You need to stay organized and implement just-in-time learning. But I will get to that in just a second.

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People love to say that there is no shortcut to business success. However, there is a shortcut to learning how to be successful in business. 

Find the people who are experiencing the success you want and learn from them. They’ve already done the research, and they already know what to do. They’ve made mistakes and learned from them. You can learn from them as well.

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This post is for someone in the beginning stages who wants to know how to start learning about starting a business.

Just In Time Learning

This means you are only learning what you need to worry about right now. If you are just beginning it is not important that you learn about ads or funnels. You simply need to learn how to get the word out about the product you are selling.


You Need To Be Organized

If you spray and pray with all the educational resources you can find you are going to get spread too thin and make no progress. Make a spreadsheet of all the things you want or need to learn and then put them in order of importance. Don’t move on until you feel confident in your skills in that one subject.

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Here is a list of people and tpics I would recommend you start learning from.

Total Beginner

Started But Struggling

Be Careful Who You Learn From

However, you need to be careful as you go along because following what other people say especially when they don’t understand your ideal audience or potential customers you are trying to reach is going to slow you down. 

I did this for way too long trying to listen to other people when I knew in my gut that I needed to change and go in a different direction. I trusted them because they were the professionals and knew what they were doing. The problem was they didn’t know who I was trying to reach.

Coaches and mastermind leaders who didn’t understand the country living, homesteading, and livestock raising headspace did their best but ultimately it held me back. 

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You also need to make sure they are building the same type of business structure you want to build. They may have a successful business but maybe it was built on the back of coaching and that is not the life you want. Your life is different than someone else’s and your business plan and business model should be also.

I’m going to share with you my favorite places and ways to learn about different topics to grow your business and how to ask questions to figure out if something is the right method for you. 

But ultimately you need to stand on your own two feet and think would this fit my ideal customer or audience that I am trying to build? Will this help them or hinder them? 

Most people start businesses to help people who are who they used to be.

Ask Others

Join groups online and offline so that you can regularly talk to real-life people who are trying to do what you do, or who have already done what you want to do.

It would be helpful if they have a similar niche because again you will fall back into the trap of getting advice from people who don’t understand your target market for your farm business. 

If you need to create your own group then do it. Just be aware that If you are an extremely driven person you might have a little trouble getting people who work at the same level you do. You won’t find the perfect fit right off the bat. Keep trying until you do.

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Learn From Digital Products

I think learning from courses, eBooks,  and digital products is good for tactical things like growing a social media platform, copywriting, an email list, or even setting up a website. 

However, it doesn’t help you as much with the strategy and the “heart” behind the business. THAT is what will determine your success or failure.

No one can help you with strategy and understanding your audience without knowing your specific business. 

So purchasing courses that promise success around the tactics is great.

But if you are trying to learn something that the teacher would need to know more about your business and understand your target audience you need to look for a business coach or a mastermind where you can ask questions. 

Business success is not a copy-and-paste thing. Everyone is different. 

Find a Mentor 

A mentor’s role is to provide guidance as well as role modeling for their mentees. They can help with your business by helping you know what goals to set, what’s realistic about your business plan and what is not, and a whole host of other information that can shortcut your learning process exponentially. 

A mentor can be someone who you pay to work with or be in a program with. Or they can be someone who offers to help you. But NEVER go up to someone asking for them to “be your mentor” and assume they will do it for free. They will flip you over whicker than a hot pancake on a griddle.

Hire a Coach

A more direct approach to shortcutting your learning curve is to hire a business or life coach to show you the way to achieve your goal. The coach you hire should have done what you want to do in some way and understand your niche, business, and industry. 

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BUT also have the same core values. One mastermind coach I learned from for a short time was more focused on mindset which was great but this person was okay with putting things for the business on the credit card and I was not. 

While the price of her products was reasonable it was still on the higher end and she didn’t seem to care that people were struggling to pay for it.

Pro Business Tip: Your price tag has to match the level of the person you are trying to reach while still forcing them to put some skin in the game.

The thing to remember is that as you grow you won’t need the same people all of the time. Don’t stay in someone’s program out of guilt if you have gotten what you need.

You grow and then you need to find someone who is above you that will teach you and bring you up to their level and the same goes with masterminds or coaches or any form of learning.

Join a Mastermind 

There are numerous masterminds that you can join today, both online and offline. Sometimes they are hard to find, but if you search for a mastermind about your niche or industry, you’re sure to find it online today. 

Check out any groups you’re joining to ensure that honest people are running them. If you can talk to someone directly who has participated in the masterminds, that will help you choose. 

Don’t be afraid to try one for a month or two and leave if it doesn’t fit your needs. I have done this myself because I needed to see if it would work for me. One of them, in particular, was great but the work ethic in the group was not to the same level as mine it wasn’t feeling pushed to grow or like I was learning anything so I needed to find something else. 

How To Figure Out If A Program Is Right For You

Research Reviews Not Success Stories

So many courses put the most amazing reviews on their sales pages. The whole point is to get you to buy. They aren’t going to put the people who didn’t do as well. 

To find true success stories you need to google the program you are looking at + reviews. 

Often times these are blog posts that people wrote on the program. They tend to be a lot more honest about how the program is and how seriously they did the work.

This is also helpful if you have some time under your belt as a business owner and you don’t want to waste time on a program that is for beginner business owners.

Notebooks, paper, and pencels.

Shortcutting your learning process so that you can catapult your success faster is a great way to become successful. You may not be creating a brand-new business idea, but the truth is, an idea that has competition is going to be much more fruitful than one that has no competitors. It’s much easier giving an audience who already exists what they want than it is to find the audience to give them what you wanted to create.