10 Tips To A Clutter Free Home – [Clear The Clutter For Good]

I would not say I am picky about my house being picked up but I will say that when I get stressed I straighten and organize things. BUT!!!! Even if you are not this way you can make it a habit to have a straitened home.

I do not want you to click off and say forget it, I am not like her so I can’t do it. You can have a clutter-free home too. If YOU are the one who wants it for yourself.

I can’t be the one to say get up and straighten your house. YOU have to want it. Ok, enough said let’s do this sister.

Clear the Physical Clutter

Before you can organize all the stuff you have to get rid of what you don’t need. Its a whole lot easier to put things away and keep a room neat the less is in that space. 

So lets do it. Clean the kitchen counters, coffee tables, and junk drawer of every little thing you can. 

You don’t need all of the stuff you think you do. You will also notice that once you have less and are not feeling overwhelmed by all of the stuff. You will enjoy what you do have more.

What To Do With Sentimental Items

This can be a hard one. But one thing that has helped me is to have one particular tub or container for my “for keeps” things and that’s it. If it gets too full then something has to go. This makes you REALLY decide what is truly sentimental. 

12 Month Rule

If it has not been used recently it goes. There is a reason you have not grabbed whatever it is in the past 12 months. Either you don’t love it or there is no need for it. 

Throw out all unnecessary paper and junk mail before it even gets in the door.

Paper is a huge issue in a lot of homes. Unless your mail comes to the front door sort the mail as you walk back to your house and throw the junk mail in the trash before you even get in the house. This is a huge step to a clutter-free house and creates peace of mind.

Start Small

One thing I see so many women do is they will say something like “I need to clean my house” Or “my house is a wreck”. Maybe that is true, but if you feel like your entire house is in shambles you will overwhelm yourself and won’t do it. Or it will be REALLY hard to get going.

Don’t start with the goal of getting your whole home picked up. Start with one room. Or if one room is terrible and even that overwhelms you start with one corner of that room.

If you want to get rid of the kitchen clutter start with clearing the table. Or one end of the table. I don’t care how small of an area you have to start with. Just so long as you feel like this section is manageable. 

Getting the visual clutter down one small section at a time will snowball and make you feel so much better and more empowered. 

Pare Down To A Clutter-Free Home

It is possible to have too much of a good thing. If you have 5 of the same thing or 5 tools that do the same thing this will quickly add to the piles of clutter, so sell them. Or find someone who needs them.

If you have too much stuff for “maybe someday” You will eventually have so much stuff that you will never find that thing when someday finally does comes around.

Pick Up Often

This is KEY, there are so many little moments when you can straiten or pick up around your house.

When you are walking back to a room take something out of the room you are in.

Waiting for your food to warm up for lunch? Use that two minutes to put a few things in the dishwasher or straighten a room nearby.

Learn to keep your eyes open to the things that need to be picked up. This will make keeping a clutter-free space feel like less work. 

If you need a more structured time because you won’t think about it throughout the day. Then straighten the house before bed. Or every morning when you first get up.

Don’t Drag Your Feet

This is going to be tough love right here. You are wasting time the more you fuss and whine about getting the thing done.

Avoiding or fussing about that thing makes you physically drained and tired is making it even worse for you than if you just did the thing.

It makes me laugh when I hear people whine about folding laundry. It’s one of the fastest chors you can do. I timed myself folding one of the biggest loads with the smallest items and it still only took me 7 minutes.

So seriously I love you and here is a virtual hug. But stop fussing and just do the thing. This will help you have a much happier and clutter-free life.

Use Every Moment

Another tip to having a happy life that is clutter-free is using every moment. 

The washer, dryer, and dishwasher are all things that work while you don’t have to. Make sure everything that can do something for you is working while you are doing other things.

People make a big deal out of laundry but honestly if you keep the washer and dryer running all day and even have 5-10 loads to fold at the end of the day. That will take you 20-30 minutes tops. If you have that much laundry every week then you probably have kids in your home who can (and should) also help with those things.

Waiting on your food to warm up inn the microwave? Put a few dishes in the dishwasher. Again this is something you just have to learn to train your brain and mind to do. 

Do What Works For You

When it comes to home organization people often try to do what others are doing rather than taking a step back and asking what do they need.

What do YOU need to make your home feel organized and clutter-free? Is it a certain area that is frustrating you the most? Find something simple that makes your life easier. The more complicated a system is does not mean it works better. Most times people are more likely to stick to a system that works well with their mind.

Control Your Shopping Habits

This is a hard one for some but once you learn to only go shopping when you need something its not that hard to do. 

Putting a hult on the shopping spree will save your wallet and help you stick to your new clutter-free living goals. 

You don’t have to be a minimalist to have a neat home. You can have less without going so far that you don’t have much of anything.

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