How Much Do Giant Continental Rabbits Cost: The Rabbit, Transportation, Housing, And Food

How much do giant continental rabbits cost? Good on you for doing your research. 

They are becoming more and more popular. Which I can totally understand. I love the large breed rabbits. 

There are a few factors that will have an effect on the price of any rabbit breed. 

The quality/conformation, pedigree or no pedigree, age, and sometimes with certain breeds color is going to affect the price as well.

How Much Do Giant Continental Rabbits Cost

So How Much Do Giant Continental Rabbits Cost

For starters, you are looking at $250-$500 for the rabbit itself. If someone says they are selling one for less than $100 and they don’t sound like they are simply trying to rehome one they can’t take care of anymore. RUN. It’s probably not purebred if it is super cheap.

This breed is not recognized by the ARBA so there can be a lot of differences between lines. Make sure to talk to lots of different people about the Continental Giant before you buy one while you are still learning.

Other Expenses

Buying a Giant Continental rabbit is one thing but there are also other expenses that come along with a rabbit. Especially as one as big as a continental giant.

Giant rabbit breeds need special housing that you can’t find at the typical pet store. 

Travel Or Transportation

Depending on the distance transportation is going to vary. You could find transport from $80 to as much as $800 in the United States. 

Cost Of Housing For Giant Breeds

Almost no one makes cages or hutches big enough for a Continental Giant. You will have to make it yourself or special order something.

A Continental Giant is going to need a pen at least 3 feet wide and 6 feet long. 

A hutch this big would cost at least $300-$500 to have someone make it for you. 

My Rabbitry Must Haves

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Cost To Feed A Continental Giant

So this is going to vary a little bit. Just like people some rabbits need more than others. 

I raise French Lops and they will typically eat 1.2 cups of pellets a day.

Taking into consideration that Continental Giant rabbits are a bit bigger and slightly more energetic I would expect them to eat 2 cups a day.

A french lop will go through a 50-pound bag of rabbit feed in about 10 weeks. 

I would think continental giant rabbits would go through a 50-pound bag in about 8 weeks adjusting for the difference. 

Buy your feed from a farm supply store not those small 5-8 pound bags from the pet section at Walmart or pets mart. You are talking .40 a pound vs $1 

Which would be $20 every two months vs $50 every two months in feed.

Total Amount To Set Up A Continental Giant Rabbits Living Space

  • Cost Of A Continental Giant = $250-$500
  • Transporting expenses = $80-$800
  • Cost Of Housing = $300-$800
  • Cost of Feeding = $10-$20 a month
  • Micalaniuse expenses = $50 a year

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Continental Giant Rabbit

This might be obvious but the size is something to be really serious about. 

While gentle giant is true to some degree with that comes a lot of power and strength. They are less jumpy but they are also not huge fans of being carried and are quite heavy. Rabbits on the whole do not like being carried around like cats do where limbs can be drooping all over and be found with it. 

If you do not have the strength to support their hind legs and hold them tight they are going to get scared and start kicking or even thrashing. 

Are Continental Giant Rabbits good for children?

If your children are willing to remain calm and let the rabbit sit beside them to pet it then yes. But constant pulling and quick movements are scary to any animal. If your child constantly pokes the rabbit’s face or pestered them then yes they could bite. Rabbits can bight hard and even break a finger if they bite the right way on a small enough child.

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