How To Start A Hobby Farm

Learning how to start a hobby farm is no easy thing. You don’t have to do every aspect that is hobby farming in your first year. In fact I encourage you not to.

Your Assignment: You need to start with a plan and decide what your dream version of living a country lifestyle is. Then make a plan to start on that journey and work on steps 1-3. Don’t worry about steps 56-100 when you are nowhere near that yet. Pic one thing to learn today.

Getting Started

What is a hobby farm vs a homestead? Personally, I think it’s the intensity level and the ultimate goal you have for your country lifestyle. If you want a homestead you want to do everything possible to grow, produce, and put away as much of your own food and living supplies with a degree of intensity.

A hobby farm is something I believe can be done with intention BUT is done at a slower pace and with more focus placed on enjoying the lifestyle and less on production. It’s done with more ease and less stress.

Whichever you choose I am here to help you find the right bath for you. But whichever direction you go, be strategic and intentional about what you bring into your life. Because the more you add to the pile the harder it is to enjoy life. Everything starts to become a “have to” instead of a “get to”.

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Most Important Posts About Being Productive On Your Hobby Farm

Productivity is key to Building a HObby farm with less stress

I see so many people jump into homesteading without a clear plan in place. They throw everything that looks cool onto the pile without making sure they have the time or resources to complete the project. Causing them to get stressed and burn out. Create a plan and work it until you reach your desired outcome.

Most Important Posts You Should Read About Starting A Hobby Farm

These are the posts I think everyone needs to read in order to have a solid grasp of starting a hobby farm with intention.

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