My Go-To Herbs For Rabbits

When it comes to using herbs for rabbits or any animal for that matter I like to keep it simple. There are so many herbs out there that truthfully do a lot of the same thing.

There are several factors that will help you choose which one to use but often times its what you have access too and which (if you want to grow them) will tolerate your local climate.

So here we go.

My Favorite Herbs For Rabbits

Lavender and oregano are my go-to when it comes to emergencies that come up. Oregano is probably the strongest antibiotic that you will find. So if you are having respiratory issues with your rabbit go for the oregano. You need to get any respiratory issues in rabbits worked out fast.

herbs for rabbits in a small glass bottle

Its hard to say which is better of the two but lavender has worked extremely well in situations of diarrhea for me. So if I find myself in a situation of digestion issues or the rabbit just looks under the weather I will give them a sprig of lavender.

If I can’t grow the herb or if I don’t have any on hand my favorite place to get herbs from is Starwest Botanicals. They have plenty of organic herbs and have some of the best prices around.

Startwest Botanicals Lavender

Starwest Botanicals Organic Dried Lavender Flowers Extra Grade, 1lbs

Starwest Botanicals Oregano

Starwest Botanicals Organic Oregano Leaf Cut, 1-pound Bag

I know, I know you might be thinking. “Leah, those are huge bags. I don’t need that much.” But honestly the smaller you go the more you pay. Most 4oz herb packages are still around $10.

How To Use These Herbs

If you start to see your rabbit act slower and hear rattling in the chest or see snot come out the nose that is not clear then you should separate the rabbit from the rest of the herd. Then feed 1 tablespoon of dried herb (or about 5 inches of fresh) for every 5lbs of the rabbit’s weight.

Feed 1-2 times per day until you start to see a change.

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