Growth Doesn’t Happen On The Mountain Top

We all love to keep walking in the good times and we want our life to stay on the mountain tops. They are the most fun and easy times in life.

While the view is beautiful and the air is clean, there is no growth on the very top of the mountain. 

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The thickest and richest growth is down in the valleys. 

Valleys are all different. Some are steeper than others and sometimes the climb upward is filled with rocks and debris there to slow us down. 

But it is in those hard times that we grow. The late nights when you are trying to fishes that blog post. Having your Pinterest account be put in Pinterest jail for who knows why. Trying to fix a glitch on your site. Or simply trying to find out if you are doing the right thing. 

You may not see it right now but know that there is good coming from this valley that you are in. I am not saying you should be ready to run down every hill right off the mountain top. When you are there sit a while and rest. Enjoy the reward of making it through that hard time. The mountain tops are there to give us time to take a break and let our strength return.

Whatever feels really hard right now. Just know that it is worth it. The struggles are not for nothing. Every struggle makes you stronger.

Help Others Climb The Mountain

Maybe you are not in a valley at this very moment. Maybe you are stronger than the person next to you. Take that person’s hand who is struggling to climb the mountain and show them the easier way.

Whatever stage you are in, just keep going. There is an end to the valley and you will reach it. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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