Grits And Beef [An Easy Gluten, Egg, and Dairy Free Breakfast Recipe]

I might be crazy for starting to share my gluten, egg, and dairy-free recipes because I am definitely not a person who likes to cook.

But the Lord had other plans and turned the tables on me. If you have food allergies you know how hard it can be to figure out what to eat. Lord have mercy if you are not creatively inclined in the kitchen anyway.

I don’t love food as far as wanting to make things so finding meals that are “all the things” free is REALLY hard. You can find recipes with two things free but all three are few and far between… If at all.

Also living in the country/small area driving to a big city to find something that is not at a Walmart or a non-market place Kroger is not something I want to do.

I thought I would share what I am enjoying or what is working as I find new ideas.

Grits And Beef [Gluten, Egg, And Dairy Free Breakfast Recipe]

ingrediance for grits and beef

Here’s What You Need:

Steps To Cook Grits And Beef

Start by putting the ground beef in the microwave for one minute (if frozen).

Turn on the water as hot as you can get it. This will save you time when trying to boil the water.

running water in the sink

Once the ater is really not add 1.5 cups of water.

Put that on the stove on high to get the water boiling as quickly as possible. Then go check on the beef and flip the frozen patty over and microwave for another 30-45 seconds.

Less is more when trying to thaw out meat. You don’t want to start cooking it in the microwave. That will turn it into rubber,

boiling water

(Optional) Add a small amount of beef flavor (about 1 Tablespoon] to the boiling water.

Once the water is boiling, pour in 1/4th cup + 1/8th cup of grits. Essentially you are cooking 1.5 servings sizes indicated on the box. If you like your grits thinker add a bit more grits to the amount of water.

beef flavor

Time To Cook The Beef

Once the grits are cooking start the beef in the skillet. Cook it to your liking. Personally, I find a little overcooked is best. I like pink burgers but this will have a better texture if it is a bit more firm.

Keep an eye on the grits that are cooking next to you. They cook faster than the stated 5 minutes and once they cook down to not quite the desired consistency turn them off and let them sit for 3ish minutes. They will thicken on their own.

Once you have the beef cooked to your liking pour everything into the pan with the grits and mix them together.

Yes I know what you are thinking… The fat too? Yes and here’s why.

When you cut out dairy there is not a lot of other ways to get natural (affordable) fats into your diet.

You aren’t putting butter on your food so look at it like that. Once it started having all three things (fats, carbs, and proteins) I started having fewer issues with blood sugar fluctuation.

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I am certainly not a pro at nutrition or cooking but grits and beef has been a great long-lasting meal that I can go a long time before feeling hungry. It’s a must-have for a long day when you will be working hard or going a long way without knowing if there will be anything for you to eat.

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