10 Best Gifts For Rabbitry Owners

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Trying to find the best gifts for rabbit owners can be difficult. But don’t sweat it. As a rabbit owner myself. I’ve got some non-tacky useful gift ideas to show you.

I know you want something useful and fun. Not something that seems like more work. But let me tell you a secret.

Rabbit owners LOVE what they do. It’s in their blood. So don’t feel weird about getting them something that seems like giving them underwear for Christmas.

I remember there were two Christmases in a row that my husband got me a gift that had to do with the rabbitry. Both things I had forgotten about and almost gave up on buying them because I couldn’t find what I wanted. Talk about brownie points when opening those up!

Rabbits on a show table

The first year was a utility cart. That thing gets used ALL THE TIME. I use it for carrying feed, travel carriers, unloading the truck. Or just sitting on it when I need to work on something low to the ground.

When it comes to moving rabbits around at the shows. My life was made!

If you have not been to a rabbit show the process looks something like this.

You pull in the parking lot of a building you have never been to before. And pray that you can get a space that is not 5,000 feet away and over three hills from the entrance. Why do you ask?

Because you have ten 13 pound rabbits in your car that you have to get to the showroom in one piece and still have the energy to do what you came there to do.

These Gifts For Rabbit Owners Will Win Every Time

So yes if you are trying to find good gifts for a rabbit owner and they don’t have one. Get them a utility cart for a gift.

Utility Cart

This is the one I have and would not change a thing. It is easy to maneuver and gets through any door.

Best Choice Products Utility Garden Cart Wagon for Lawn, Yard w/Heavy-Duty Steel 400lb Weight Capacity, Removable Sides, Long Handle, 10in Tires - Green

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my utility cart and use it all the time in the rabbitry. Carrying feed bags to the tack box, watering in the winter, helping with cleaning and so much more. I'm like a kid with a red wagon and I'm sure you will be too.

The key with getting a cart is also getting big wheels. I had one before this with small three-inch wheels and it was awful to get anywhere that had gravel or dirt.

12/04/2023 04:06 pm GMT

Ready to get into more gift ideas?….

What about the second Christmas gift? Keep on reading and you’ll see.

Suncast 83-gallon Waterproof Outdoor Storage Container Furniture.

Whether or not your rabbit owner has a rabbitry in a barn or outside. They will love this storage container. Make sure to get one that has the ability to latch down the lid. When the wind gets going it can flip the lid up and ruined feed or stoke anything inside.

My Top Pick
Suncast 73 Gallon Indoor/Outdoor Medium Deck Storage Box, 46"L x 23.62"W x 25.5"H,
$129.00 $95.91

If you don't have a barn or a way to cover your supplies this is an awesome alternative and is what I did for 10+ years until we moved and I was blessed with a barn for my supplies.

I have said many times that even if I had access to a barn (which I do now) I still wouldn't have my rabbitry in it because they are far healthier with more airflow in the lean-to style setup they have now.

12/04/2023 04:16 pm GMT

Personalized Gifts For Rabbit Owners

Personalized gifts are something that rabbit breeders and showers will love but not often something they will buy for themselves. All of these shops were carefully selected after reading over the reviews and comments.

First on the list is LazerGramGifts Etsy shop has a lot of travel mug and bottle options as well as a few other rabbit monogram times. They are also very fast to respond and have great 5-star reviews on all their products.

All monograms are Included in the time pricing and they ship free to the US.

Faux Leather Rectangle Key chain, See on Etsy

There is something about having a small item that says “I’ m A Rabbit Breeder” that brings pride to the rabbit owners soul. This is a very affordable gift that can be personalized with the person’s name or rabbitry name.

Customizable travel mug with rabbit design as gifts for rabbit owners

20oz Rabbit Tumbler Mug

There are several color options as well. Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Blue Turquoises, Green Turquoise

Faux Leather Mini Notepad

Rabbit owners are always taking notes whether they are out in the rabbitry or at a show. Trying to keep paper from blowing away in the wind, rabbits from chewing on them, or any other natural disaster from destroying your notes can be interesting, to say the least. This small notepad with a strap to hold it closed and a pen holder is PERFECT for keeping papers safe.

Crazy Bunny Lady Decal

This decal would make any rabbit raiser smile.

Personalized Note Books!

You might be wondering why these would be a good gift… When you go out to the barn and sorting through new babies deciding who to keep. Taking weights and making notes about how the rabbits are growing you need a way to keep everything in order but also have a nice firm place to write.

If the rabbit owner in your life also shows their rabbits. There is a lot of paperwork involved in that too. So check out these awesome personalized notebooks and portfolio ideas.

Refillable leather notebook journal cover

There are several color options as well as three different sizes A4, A5, A6. It has a nice leather strap to secure the cover closed. It also looks great for men and women.

Refillable Journal Leather Cover Travel Diary Custom Notebook 

AddStyleCo is a Ukrain based Etsy shop. My order came extremely fast and I was very impressed with the quality. They have thousands of good ratings on their products and tones of comments and pictures from different people.

This notebook caught my eye as soon as I saw it! I even bought one for my husband. It has a next-level class to it as well as beautiful colors and the option to monogram.

Rabbitry Supplies

Sometimes people just want supplies to make their life easier. Here are some great rabbitry supplies that your rabbitry owner might love. Especially if they are starting out.

These gift ideas are great for any rabbit breeder are anything but tacky and even thoughtful. You will definitely win some brownie points with these.

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