40+ Awesome Gifts For A Country Girl – 2024

Finding gifts for a country girl can be a challenge am I right?

They don’t tend to go for the “traditional girly” things like flowers and candy. Sure those things are fine but they don’t fit her personality right?

While I’ve got a great collection of gift ideas for you I also have some tips to help you figure out what that country girl in your life might like. No matter what the occasion.

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I don’t mean buying gifts for her early. Start watching. Listening. Seeing what she stops to look at and says “oh that would be nice, but…” Here is why you want to listen. 

Maybe she looks at something just to see it up close but it’s not what she thought. 

But if she gets up close and looks at something and acts all excited and really checks it out. It’s safe to say that’s a good gift idea. 

Start A Gift List For Her

Trello is a great app for keeping notes on your phone. You can have lots of sections and it’s never lost if you switch phones. 

Create a list in trello of things you find that are good gift ideas. Even take pictures of it and attach the image to a card if needed.

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Choose Country Gifts For Her Personality 

I have curated some pretty awesome gifts that your country girl is sure to love.

HOWEVER, Look through these ideas with HER in mind. What does she love to do? What can she talk about nonstop?

If you want to hit the nail on the head. Finding something that goes along with what she loves to do will make all the difference.

Getting a tool for the kitchen for someone who only cooks because she has to won’t go over as well. Make sense?

Here is a quick gift idea list to help out. 

  • Pair of jeans that are nice and not for work.
  • Pair of boots – No one can turn down a good pair of boots.
  • Montana Silversmith – They are a great sterling silver company that are sold at most farm supply stores. Check them out here.
  • Animal Supplies – Believe it or not if she is into animals the things she will love most are tools that will make her life easy. Even if it seems like work.
  • Inspirational Gifts – thinks like signs with quotes on them if she has her own home.

All right. Let’s get to it!

Gifts For A Country Girl Under $20

[lasso type=”list” category=”gifts-for-her-under-20″ link_id=”3621″]

Easily Distracted By Cows T-Shirt

Perfect for a 4-h exhibitor or the cow lover.

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Small Town Girl T-Shirt

“This is great for that girl who loves the country, maybe doesn’t live on a farm like she would want but this will give her that country feeling she craves.”

Get it on Etsy

Country Roads Take Me Home Shirt

Another perfect shirt for the country girl who loves the country life or would like to.

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Support your local farmer T-shirt

Available is lots of colors and styles. A sweatshirt, long sleve t-shirt, unisex t-shirt, and youth shirts.

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Gifts For A Country Girl $21-30

Deer antler jewelry stand

This is a great gift for a rustic home decor lover who loves jewelry and needs a place for the shorter pieces of jewelry she wears often.

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Barn Hair Don’t Care Ball Cap

Perfect for the hard-working country girl needing to keep the sun off and be stylish at the same time.

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Casual Long Sleeve Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt

Lots of colors, small – 2XL — This Knit Hoodie is made with lightweight and soft material soft on the skin.

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Throw Blankets Aztec 

Several different sizes from 51×63″ up to 71×91″ such a beautiful design.

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Cow print blanket

Print Blanket Throw Double-Sided Faux Fur Fleece Soft Cozy Throw Blanket, 50″ x 60″ and 60×80 size option.

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Dirt, Horse smell, dog slobber pillow

Dirt Horse Smell Dog Slobber Country Farm Girl Women Gift Throw Pillow, 18×18

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Country Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket

Super soft throw blanket perfect for cozy winter nights.

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Gifts For A Country Girl Under $50

Faux Fur Quilted Parka Puffer Coat

(This jacket is a great gift. There are lots of colors but make sure to get a solid color if this is a surprise. The solid is just a bit more “country”)

Get It On Amazon

Car seat waterproof cover for pets

54×58″ and 60 x 64″ cover size options.

(If she’s got pets she likes to take with her in the car she will LOVE THIS!)

Get It On Amazon

Boot dryer and electric warmer

“Perfect for the winter season keeping your boots warm before you go out in the morning and drying your boots off if you have a wet and rainy day.”

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Beautiful copper boot tray

“This boot tray looks great because it will blend in with any decor and make something that is necessary to have not so ugly. Whether you choose this one or something else do not get one with a type of rug in the bottom because it will not washo out well.”

Size – 30×13″

Get It On Amazon

Car storage organizer

This could be used for so many things. Not just in the car. If she has a tac box that needs organizing or if she uses a small vehicle on the property this would be great to strap on the rack of a 4 wheeler.

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Gifts For A Country Girl Under $100

[lasso ref=”amzn-kitchen-academy-induction-cookware-sets-12-piece-cooking-pan-set-granite-black-nonstick-pots-and-pans-set” id=”91142″ link_id=”3719″]

Ariat Boot Cut Jean

Rebar DuraStretch Riveter Boot Cut Jean – These are great everyday wear with some class.

Get It On Ariat

Ariat stretch mid rise jean

Ultra Stretch Perfect Rise Katie Flare Jean – A perfect comfortable gift for the country girl

Get It On Ariat

Woman’s Fleece Lined Chore Coat

I freak’n LOVE this coat! Winter chores are finally not miserable and the fabric does not rip when you get caught on the wire. It has kept me warm in temperatures as low as the single digits with just a few extra layers on underneath.- Size small to 4xL with some tall options mixed in.

Get It at Tractor supply

Ariat – Cruiser

“These are perfect for summer when you want the comfort and support of a boot but it’s too hot to wear cowboy boots.” Lots of color options and well worth the money.

Get It On Ariat

Fatbaby Heritage Feather II Western Boot

“These are basically a work boot for the cowboy boot lover. Don’t look at them as a boring gift. If she is a boot-wearing junky then the pair she has will get rough looking pretty quick. A fresh pair is always welcome “

Get On Ariat

Gifts For A Country Girl Under $150

Anthem Shortie Western Boot

This boot is great for people who are on their feet for a long time but still a work boot.

Get It On Ariat

Utility cart

“I have one and I can not tell you how much I LOVE IT! It’s so handy for lots of different things. Especially if she is a gardener or has animals.”

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Rustic customizable boot rack

Rustic Custom Name Horseshoe Boot Rack – Any country girl with lots of boots will love having this rack in their home.

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Ariat highrise flare jeans

Perfect for the girl who likes to have her tops tucked in.

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Quick Note To Any Gift Recipient

Gifts that are given with good intentions should be well received.

Just a PSA for any lady out there that is on the receiving end of a gift. If it’s not quite right be grateful that he even thought of you. It’s an easy fix. Show your appreciation and move on. Ok, I’m off my soapbox now.

I hope this helps you find the best gift for your country girl.

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