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57 Best Gifts For Hunters (On Any Budget For 2022)

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Need a few Christmas gifts for hunters in your life? Yeah, been there with that struggle.

Getting the right gift for hunters is not as easy as it sounds or going to the sporting goods section hoping you get the right thing.

My husband is an avid bow hunter and when I first met him it was a whole new world for me as far as understanding how it all works and the process that goes into it. 

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They have to track the deer and understand their movements. Know the property to see if deer even show up there and whether they come early morning or evening. The list goes on.

I knew he loved it but I didn’t understand it all and to be honest, It takes a whole lot more patience then I have but I go hunting with him when I can and do my best to keep my noise to a minimum.

Except for when he shushes me and then I just want to crunch all the leaves! Yes, that’s me loving but slightly rebellious. 

man hunting on a boat with a dog

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I have come to believe that women were not wired for the most part to sit and wait for the wild game to come by. Men have one-track minds and that is totally fine. But women… Well, we have 50. So sitting quietly is quite the challenge.

Ladies, we all have those hunters in our life that we have no idea what to buy for Christmas or their birthday. Well, this guide has it all. While this post was written to save the ladies a lot of heartaches to find the right Christmas gift for their hunting husbands. If you have a lady hunter you are shopping for these ideas are great for them as well.

None of these gift ideas are weapon-specific as far as model or caliber. But I do live with a bow hunter so there are a few bow-specific items in here. But don’t worry I will make it clear when and if it is a bow or gun specific.

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Christmas Gifts For Hunters Under $10


Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak – Survival Bracelets with Embedded Compass, Fire Starter, Emergency Knife & Whistle

See On Amazon

In The Field Tools

Coleman Camper’s Toilet Paper, 3 Rolls

See On Amazon

Best Christmas gifts for hunters under $20


Mossy Oak Men’s Long Sleeve Hunting Guide Shirt

See At Walmart

Realtree EDGE Camo Skull Cap/Helmet Liner/Thermal Running Beanie Hat

Face Mask Hood

One of the things that will get to you the quickest is the wind. These things will help hide your face and keep the wind out of the eyes really well.

Deer Hunting Funny Hunter Fast Food Gift T-shirt Tee

In The Field Tools

Unbranded Steel Ammo Box

See At Walmart

SanDisk 64GB Ultra MicroSDXC

Memory Card with Adapter – 100MB/s, C10, U1, Full HD, A1, Micro SD Card – SDSQUAR-064G-GN6MA

Lite Nocks (bow and arrow)

These little guys light up when a shot is made and will make finding an arrow so much easier. Twice in my short career of hunting with my husband arrows have gone right through the deer. Loosing an arrow after it has glided across the ground and stopped under a pile of leaves is not uncommon.

Car Seat Gun Sling 

This is for gun season or the rifle or shotgun hunter. If you don’t like laying the weapons on the back seat or need the space you can suspend them behind the two front seats. 

Tactical Flashlight

LETMY Tactical Flashlight, Super Bright LED Mini Flashlights with Belt Clip, Zoomable, 3 Modes, Waterproof – Best EDC Flashlight for Gift, Hiking, Camping & Power Outage (2 Pack)

Hunter Safety System Retractable Bow & Gear Hoist

If your hunter is climbing up in a tree stand they can hook items to this and pull them up once you get to the top and not have to climb up one-handed. It can be left in the stand or clipped to a belt loop or pack while climbing up the tree.

Quick Connect Strap

This will clip items or the harness listed above to a tree with a 300lb weight limit. 

MULTUS: Perfect Deer Drag

Fast & Easy to use Durable Safety Reflective Orange Strap Compact Comfort Grip Handle Game Dragger


The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 2: Small Game and Fowl

See On Amazon

The Hunter’s Guide to Butchering, Smoking, and Curing Wild Game and Fish 

Travel Mug

Large 20 Ounce Steel Hot/Cold Travel Hunting Tumbler/Mug w Lid Coffee Cup (20 Ounce)

1 X Love it When my Wife Lets Me go Hunting Coffee Tea Mug Cup 18oz Gift Box

Best Chrismas gifts for hunters under $21 – $25

In the Field Tools

Micro SD Card Readers

This little guy fits right into an android or apple phone charger slot. You can look at images from your phone instead of having to take the cover off and fumble around with a small SD card in your phone to move the images in cold weather with fingers that don’t work. 

Tree Stand Bow Holder

This will hang the bow in the side of the tree stand leaving more space in the stand or not having to hold the bow the whole time. 

Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit

It is not an exaggeration that deer are great at smelling things afar off. Not a fan of the no shower rule? Well, this sent killer kit is a great alternative to help with human smell but not have to be stuck feeling dirty or smelling body odor.

Hunters Specialties Ruttin’ Buck Rattling Bag

If you are not sure what this is for. To keep it shored there is a certain time of year when bucks get a little fisty with each other. This bag makes the sound of two bucks buttings heads as if they are fighting. Another buck comes to see what is going on and well. To their surprise, it is not a deer.

Field Dressing Gloves

Field dressing gloves are awesome for doing the nasty jobs but still keeping clean.



Butchering a deer yourself is a long of time-consuming work. But it saves you a ton of money. This hoist is perfect to hang the kill and give it time to age. This one has a 600lb weight limit.

The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 1: Big Game

See On Amazon

Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Slotted Tip Hunting Service Supplies Carrying Case

See At Walmart

From ManCrates Exotic Meats Jerkygram.

What’s In The Box

  • Wild Boar Honey Bourbon Jerky (2 oz)
  • Buffalo Jerky (2 oz)
  • Elk Hickory Smoked Jerky Strip (0.75 oz)
  • Ostrich Jerky Stick (1 oz)
  • Duck Maple Jerky Stick (1 oz)
  • Pheasant Jerky Stick (1 oz)

See On ManCrates.com

Best Chrismas gifts for hunters under $26 – $50


Hand Muffs

Even for men sitting in a stand can get a little boring so this muff will keep hands warm while using a device. Plus he might be more willing to answer texts with one of these:)

Ulterior motives my friends.

Mossy Oak Camo Hoodie for Men, Hunting Clothes for Men

Legendary Whitetails Men’s Buck Camp Flannel Shirt

Under Armour mens Under Armour Men’s Zephyr Fleece Camo Popover

In The Field Tools

Celestron Elements ThermoCharge, 2-in-1 Device

This little guy is a hand warmer that you can charge up and stays warm for more than 5 hours. AND it also doubles as a phone charger so if the phone is going dead you can charger your phone.

Field Dressing Kit

Every hunter has to field dress the kill to keep from contaminating the meat.

This kit will help make the job much easier.

Motion Activated Trail Camera

Now, this is pretty cool and as a wife who does her best to support her husband in the things, he likes to do. I don’t want to waste my time sitting in a stand in an area the deer don’t come. So this trail cam is perfect for tracking deer movements. That why nobody sits in a stand where the deer are not coming.

Tree Stand Safety Harness

Not to worry you ladies but falling asleep can happen and this harness will keep him in the stand if he doses off. 

Outdoor Edge SwingBlade Pak, SP-1, SwingBlade Double Blade Hunting Knife and Bone Saw Combo with Leather Sheath


Groove Life – Silicone Ring for Men

This is not “for hunting” perse but it will be a great gift for a hunter. I bought this exact one for my husband so he can still wear a band into work but not damage his good one. The warranty policy is amazing.

The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook: Recipes and Techniques for Every Hunter and Angler

BLAVOR Solar Charger Power Bank 18W, QC 3.0 Portable Wireless Charger

10W/7.5W/5W with 4 Outputs & Dual Inputs, 20000mAh External Battery Pack IPX5 Waterproof with Flashlight & Compass 

See On Amazon

Tuscom Outdoor Day&Night Vision 100×90 Optical Monocular Hunting Hiking Telescope

See At Walmart


Yeti Discription: Our standard 12 oz. Can Insulator is the original beverage sleeve that launched the product line. Keep classic 12 oz. cans and bottles chilled with double-wall vacuum insulation while kicking back on the boat, at camp, or wherever good times are going down. Plus our newly evolved Load-and-Lock™ Gasket needs just a quarter-turn to secure your can.

Free Shipping – Free Returens – 5 Year Warranty

See On Yeti

Best Chrismas gifts for hunters under $51 – $100

In The Field Tools

Nikon 8245 ACULON A211 8×42

These have an excellent review.

Hunter Day Pack

Perfect to help carry all the equipment to get in and out of the field much easier.

Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind


Beard Wrangler Mini Crate – From ManCrates

What’s In the Box

  • Man Crates-Exclusive Renegade Beard Grooming Products
    • Shampoo Bar, 4.5 oz
    • Balm, 2 oz
    • Grooming Oil, 2 oz
  • Boar-Bristle Beard Brush
  • 100% Cotton Barber Towel

See On ManCrate

Primal Hunger Crate – From ManCrates

Whats In The Box

  • Whiskey Hill Smokehouse Bison Jerky, 2 oz
  • Whiskey Hill Smokehouse Venison Jerky, 2 oz
  • Chef’s Cut Beef Jerky, 2.5 oz
  • Field Trip Cracked Pepper Turkey Jerky, 2 oz
  • Butter Toffee Almonds, 4 oz
  • Chili Citrus Cashews, 4 oz

See On ManCrates

Premium Jerky Ammo Can – From Man Crates

What’s In The Box

  • Country Archer Beef Jerky, Crushed Red Pepper (3 oz)
  • Field Trip Original Beef Jerky (2.15 oz)
  • Carnivore Candy Sweet Picante Beef Jerky (3 oz)
  • Dusty’s Original Snack Stick (1 oz)
  • Che-Potle Meat Stick (1 oz)
  • Habanero Meat Stick (1 oz)
  • Bar-B-Que Meat Stick (1 oz)

NOTE: Premium Jerky Ammo Can does not ship in a crate.

See On ManCrates

Lure Making Kit – From ManCrates

In the Box

  • Lure Making Materials Kit:
    • Plastisol, 1 pint
    • Pumpkin Green Coloring, .5 oz
    • Deep Red Coloring, .5 oz
    • Silver Glitter, .5 fl oz
    • Lure Stink, .5 oz
  • Crawdaddy Lure Mold
  • Mudbug Lure Mold
  • Worm Lure Mold
  • 1 Fire-King Measuring Cup

NOTE: Lure Making Kit does not ship in a crate.

See On ManCrates

Best Chrismas gifts for hunters under $101 – $200

In The Field Tools

Range Finder

There is so much that goes into making a good shot and knowing how far away the deer is will make or break a successful hunt.

SPYPOINT Link Micro (Smallest on The Market!) Wireless/Cell Trail Camera,

4 Power LEDs, Fast 4G Photo Transmission w/Preactivated SIM, Fully Configurable via App

This one was a suggestion to be included by my hunting husband so it is hunter indorsed😊. It sends the pictures live to your phone. You don’t have to go out download the images from the cameras.


Personalized Hunting Crate

Whats In The Box

Hunting Heroes

  • Personalized Stanley Insulated Vacuum Bottle
  • TrueBlade Folding Knife
  • Stormproof Matches

Disappear Completely

  • Duke Cannon’s Hunting Soap
  • Camo Face Paint

See On ManCrates

Knife Making Kit – From ManCrates

What’s In the Box

  • Shawnee Skinner Blade (Knife tang may vary slightly from photo.)
  • Maple Handle Scale Set
  • Brass Bolster Set
  • Leather Pouch Sheath
  • Mosaic Pins
  • Man Crates Knife Making Guide
  • 2-Ton Syringe Epoxy
  • Rasp & File Set
  • Graded Sandpaper Set
  • Bench Vise
  • Wood Finish

NOTE: Knife Making Kit does not ship in a crate.

See On ManCrates

Folding Knife Making Kit – From Mancrates

What’s In the Box

  • Folding Knife Assembly
  • Linen Micarta Handle Scales
  • Man Crates Folding Knife Making Guide
  • File & Rasp Set
  • Variable Grit Sandpaper Set
  • 3″ Bench Vise
  • T6 & T8 Torx Wrench Set

NOTE: Folding Knife Making Kit does not ship in a crate.

See On ManCrates

Chrismas Gifts For Hunters $201 – $300


This set of hunting clothes does SO WELL keeping you warm. They are the best ones I have ever worn. So if you live in a climate that has cooled temperatures during the hunting season then this is THE BEST thing you can wear.

ScentLok Men’s Morphic Waterproof 3-in-1 Jacket

ScentLok Men’s Morphic Waterproof Pant

In The Field Tools


The Hopper BackFlip™ 24 fuses the durability of the Hopper Flip® with a new, convenient-to-carry design. It’s our first cooler engineered to carry as a backpack, using the best tech of both worlds.

See On Yeti.com

Getting the right Christmas Gifts for a hunter is not easy. So if you are feeling a little nervous about getting the right thing just ask them. I am of the school of thought that I would rather get a gift for my husband that he really wants rather than getting something he won’t use.

You’ve got this find a great gift with confidence.

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