13 Free Printable July Calendars 2023

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The hot summer months are here and boy are we feeling the heat. It’s time to start planning some amazing cool summer snacks and relaxing afternoons under the shade tree.

Before you know it summer will be over and school will be back in session. This means it’s time to make sure you get to do those summer plans you always dreamed of! How is your summer fairing in this hot season?

What gets you ready for a new month more than some pretty printable calendar templates to start creating your spring and summer plans?

Whether you’re looking to stay on top of your work schedule, plan a family vacation, or keep track of important dates and deadlines, a calendar can be an invaluable tool.

Fortunately, I’ve got plenty of free printable July calendars available online that include federal holidays, national holidays, to-do lists for the entire month, and more.

July Holidays

Here is a list of the 2023 special and federal holidays so you can add them to the calendars you choose to print if you would like.

  • July 4 – Independence Day In The US

Free July Calendars And Planner Templates

Here are 13 free printable calendars that you can use for use at home, or for your work or business.

Printable Details

You can download the pdf files by clicking the download button below each image and there vertical and landscape calendars so you can choose what fits your personal preferences best.

  • Simple design for the free printable July calendar with nothing but the dates but are still a nice ink-friendly design for the month of July.
  • And calendars with a to-do lists

Each PDF document is designed to be printed on 8.5×11 (US letter size) paper size. Most are in landscape format and there are a few in portrait orientation as well which work great for binders.

Free July Calendars – Vertical

Free Printable July Calendar – Landscape

Planning Tips

  • When making your monthly plans go through and mark your important days on your printable monthly calendar first. These are the things you can’t change. Some people call them the “big rocks” the things you want to make sure get done each month.
  • Then go in and mark things like the goals you plan to reach that month. Break down your goals into really detailed and smaller tasks so you can assign due dates to each task and reach your goals.
  • Make sure you have plenty of time for each task. Don’t underestimate on time and have a list of backup tasks you can do if you have and extra few minutes. This will keep you from falling behind on your plans.
  • It’s easy to end up with a busy month faster than you realized. Remember that no is a complete sentence and its ok to say so.
  • Put the monthly planner in your home office, on your refrigerator or anywhere you need to in order to see your plans. Don’t tuck them away where you will forget them.

Personal Use Only Disclosure:

It’s important to note that while these calendars are free to use and download, they are intended for personal use only. They should not be used for commercial purposes or resold in any way.

Grab your free printable calendar that includes federal holidays, national holidays, and more. Stay organized and on track throughout the month. By utilizing some of the best free printable calendars available online, you can stay on top of your schedule, daily tasks, and major holidays and ensure that you never miss an important date or event.

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