Love free stuff?


Below are my best free resources to help you create a country lifestyle that doesn’t leave you broke and burnt out.

My Farms Purpose

Feeling a little stretched thin? Get to the core of why you want to start a farm and choose the projects that really matter.

farm purpose kit

Small Farmers Productivity Kit

Planning pages, productivity tips, and crock pot recipes to get you out of the kitchen faster and back to doing what you love.

Rebel Gardeners Guide

Tired of feeling like you have to manage a garden that is bigger than your house to be “legit”?

Or you don’t see the logic in growing something that is $1 a bag at the store? This guide is for you!

Farm Budget Tracker

Tracking your expenses doesn’t limit you. It gives you freedom. Let me show you how to use a budget tracker to know when you CAN spend and when you shouldn’t.

homestead budget tracker

Farm Profit Calculator

Afraid to look at the numbers? Let me help you figure out how much your farm needs to make on your farm to cover your farm expenses and more.