Honing Your Instincts & Trusting Your Gut

You know that inner feeling of when you just know the right decision to make or the answer to give but you can’t seem to explain why?

Those answers come from life experiences, paying close attention to the results, and what is going on around you at the time. Becoming familiar with your intuition or “gut game” will come with time.

Some people are very good at being in tune with their intuition. For others it takes practice. You may not be the type to think it is an important part of life but trust me it will benefit you more then you will ever realize.

In life, your gut can prevent you from making mistakes, or something as simple as which direction is the right way to go. If you are slow to act and quick to listen you will see amazing results.

For business, it can help you listen to your audience and create the products they want. Or make a really risky desition that will pay off in the end.

Calm The Noise

This world is so full of noise. There are notifications for every app on our phone, marketing messages everywhere we turn. Kids and family competing for your attention, all of the to-dos swirling around in your mind.

Things that are competing for our attention cause us to completely miss what our inner guide is trying to tell us. We must learn to calm the noise around us so we can amplify what our instincts are trying to tell us.

Be Still

In order to hear that voice, you need to practice being still, be where you are in that moment.

Now as a woman I know how hard this might sound. We can be bone tired and our mind is flying off into tomorrow leaving us feeling anxious and wanting to get ahead on a day that has not even come to be.

We still need to try our best to be still.

quite place by the lake with a bench seat.

When you have a good day and think you will be able to sit in stillness and think about your business or life goals take a notebook and go to a quiet place. Maybe its a walk in the woods or for some you have to settle for a locked bathroom door.

Write down what comes to mind marinate on it. Ask yourself why that thing came to mind. When you are struggling with a situation stop and get away to think. Write down your feelings, ideas, and dreams. They don’t have to be in any particular order. Just get them out of your mind so you can revisit them later.

Wait Until You Have The Answer

Sometimes the answer to a problem does not come quickly. We have to wait for the right answer to be shown to us and when we see it we will know. Always be confident in the steps you take. If you jump too quickly when you are not sure then you will have a life of regrets.

There is beauty in waiting for the right moment.

Practice Your Answers

This might sound silly but let’s say you are trying to decide between two things you want to buy. If you walked out of the store with item number 1 how do you FEEL? Are you excited or are you still thinking about the one you left behind?

Listen to the podcast episode to hear two personal examples of how this works for me. Find out how I met my husband… I bet you don’t know.

Trust Your Instincts

Part of listening to your gut game is trusting the answers you come to. This will be difficult at first but the more you practice being still and finding the answers before moving forward you will become more confident with every decision.

Do you listen to that inner guide, or do you struggle? Let me know in the comments.

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