French Lop Resources

French Lop Housing

Cage (Indoor Option) – Find it here on amazon – It is a little on the narrow side for a french lop but it does make up for it in length.

French Lop Supplies


One 50lb bag will last you about 10 weeks with one french lop. If you don’t want to deal with that big of a bag I have also linked to a 25lb bag. Either way you are saving SO MUCH MONEY Compared to the small 5lb bag ones.

I don’t feed my french lops hay and it has served me well. I can honestly say I have never lost a rabbit to bloat. Commercial pellets are designed to be a full ration.Read about it here ->

Pest Controle

I don’t recommend letting your rabbit run outside on the ground for this very reason but should the need arise dusting them with diatomaceous earth works great. It’s messy but at least you don’t have to wonder about chemicals. People say they can use flea meds for cats but I’ve never done it so it’s not something I can speak too.

Diatomaceous Earth –