Fashion Help For The Stay At Home Wife

In need of some fashion help? Let me help you find the courage to dress to impress while LOVING the clothes you are in.

Fashion is HARD. So many do’s and don’ts and the don’ts seem longer than the do’s. Then you have one person say you should do this…. and another says you should do that!

Let’s not get into the fashion that is becoming popular from our childhood years…

If you are here then you probably know what you like and what you don’t when you see it. Beyond that… Well, it might feel hopeless.

Put all the rules and “must do’s” behind you.

Fashion Help Starts In Your Mind

Before you do anything I want you to think about what pieces that make you FEEL good. What is it that you like about the items of clothing that come to mind.

The way you feel in the clothes you wear is so important because it will come across to anyone you meet. If you are feeling embarrassed or are wearing something you don’t normally wear that person will pick up on it because you will come across timid and shy. It might take time to figure it out but choose a style that makes you feel great about yourself. 

Here is an example.

Being 5’11” it’s easy to feel big even though I know I’m not overweight. I hate attention being drawn to my shoulders. So tops like these are not something I want to see in my closet.

Are they cute? Of course. But they are not for me. You might have to do some thinking and maybe even experiment with different clothes. But try to be mindful when you get dressed each morning.

Start With What You’ve Got

I know you would love to go find some new pieces but hold on a sec. If there is anything i have learned over the years is if the things you love are buried under the things you hate. You will completely lose sight of the things you love.

Now don’t go nuts and completely throw out your hole closet. You need to have something to where and I don’t want you getting in trouble for indecent exposure😉…

You probably have heard of a capsule wardrobe right? The idea is that you have 20-30 pieces that you wear throughout the current season. If you want to learn more about capsule wardrobes Erin at Cotton Stem has some awesome info on this.

When you start to take on the tasks I am about to give you I want you to not go below that number of items in your closet. K?

Clear The Clutter

Ready to clear away the dust and find make room for the things you love? Grab three different baskets or bags.

One for donate, one for rags, and one for maybes. Donate the stuff that is good enough to be used by someone else. Put the items that would work for cleaning in the bag for rags. The maybes is for stuff you are not sure if you want to keep or not but you don’t want to get rid of in case you start to get rid of more then you planned.

Remember we don’t want you to have to go right out and get new cloths. I will explain why in a bit.

The goal is to get you to a closet full of at least number 8 items and up.

If its a ten you:

  • Love the fabric = 2 points
  • They way if feels on = 2 points
  • The cut/fit = 2 points
  • The length = 2 points
  • Color = 2 points

If the item of clothing is a three or less then get them out of your closet. Use the guild below to help.

Taking the time to do this will help you see the things in your closet that you love. Its kind of like that saying a bad apple spoils the whole bushel. The things you don’t love cloud your view of the good so your whole closet feels like a collection of clothes you hate.

When really it’s only half.

Chose A Fashion Style You Love

I have already said to choose the clothing that makes you feel good. But I also want to remind you that you don’t have to follow the latest fashions just because they are in style.

Have you ever heard an older person say “styles come back around” or “I were that as a kid?” Well, I hate to admit it but I have caught myself saying just that…

There are some style pieces I wore as a kid that are coming back around again. Things like tie-die and funky shapes on fabrics. There are some things, I don’t care if they are in style, I’m not wearing them. Sorry, not sorry.

Lifestyle Affects Your Clothing

The demands of life will also affect the clothing choices you make. It would be silly to wear dress pants and heels to do the gardening right? 

So the next time you are feeling inadequate because if your wardrobe choices. Take a look at that person you are comparing yourself to and ask yourself what their life story is before you make any judgemental decisions about yourself.

Fashion Help Around You

You will see style influences from all around you. Whether you like to follow people on Instagram or a blogger for fashion tips and advice.

I want you to look around when you are in public. What do you see people wearing? Who stands out to you? Who seems confident in what they have on. Take what you see and build on that.

Ready To Shop?

Ok, now I don’t want you to feel like you have to buy anything. But the best way to figure out what you like is to just go look. Flipping through magazines is all well and good but if you don’t have access to those stores or clothes around you then what’s the point?

If you are not able to go out and shop in person the next best thing is shopping online putting everything you love in your cart. Then going back through and pulling out what you don’t want to buy.

Here are some pages on Amazon to help you out.

Don’t forget the deciding factors in whether or not an item gets into your closet while shopping You want to have mostly 8 points and above. Les then 6 is a no no unless you are buying for a special occasion like a wedding and you are trying to get what will match something.

  • Love the fabric = 2 points
  • They way if feels on = 2 points
  • The cut/fit = 2 points
  • The length = 2 points
  • Color = 2 points

Don’t Get Lazy

Notice I did not give you leeway for being a stay at home wife and saying “sure get those yoga paints” Nah baby Nah we have more self-respect than that.

Is it ok to have the occasional relaxed day? ABSOLUTELY! Here is the problem when you let your choices slide too often. You start to feel a little undone and it starts to add up. Your mood is affected as well as your ambition to get things done.

It takes just as much time to put on yoga pants as it does jeans or nice linen paints.

tshirt, jeans, and sunglasses for the stay at home wife

Own Your Style Choices

All the fashion help won’t work unless you love what you wear. Don’t choose a style or clothing item because someone else thinks you should.

I still have not lost my jeans/pant-loving self and probably never will. I despise skirts and dresses I only wear them on Sundays to church.

When you have something that could seem like a “less dressy” piece that are not negotiable for you then you need to own it. I am very picky about the fabric and cut of the jeans I wear.

Style does not have to be scary or difficult. Take it one step at a time before you branch out and try something crazy. Feeling good about what you wear has a huge effect on your day and how you feel about yourself. 

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