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Easy Steps To A Minimalist Wardrobe And Intentional Closet

The clothes I have on always affect my mood for the day. I chose my outfit according to the weather and how I feel. The weather part may be a bit weird but getting your feet wet because you chose to wear sandals can be annoying. Or being too hot because you choose to wear a sweater.

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If I am forced to wear something that is off from my mood I feel completely terrible. I like to look nice but clothes have never been my obsession.

And don’t even get me started on frills or anything poofy. If it had one single ruffle that was just a little poof at the top of the shoulder it was gone. Any future mini me’s will not be put in fluffy dresses. Sorry, not sorry.

Now that we have discovered that I can be a bit obsessive about how I dress. Let’s move on to how we can have a minimalist wardrobe and be intentional about the pieces we put together.

What A Minimalist Wardrobe Is Not

Whatever you do, don’t just go through your closet throwing things out. While I do thing we should get by with less it does not mean you have to go down to practically nothing.

Be intentional about the things you keep and get rid of.

Know The Things You Love

The style I like has changed over the years and so will yours. Jeans are my paint of choice and I add style with my tops. Currently, in 2019 it seems that the early 90s are coming back and I have no intention of caving to the trends. I have a feeling most people feel the same way about the style they grew up in.

Know what you love and stick to that. Don’t apologize for not wearing something just because it is in style. Pinstripes and geometric shapes. Yep, not going to do it.

Several of my jobs as a teen were at clothing stores believe it or not. I was far from the highest in sales. But I always wanted to help customers be happy with what they bought. If they did not seem comfortable in the clothing I told them not to get it. You don’t reach for something in your closet that makes you feel uncomfortable.

That is what I want you to think about when you look through the pieces hanging in your closet deciding what stays and what goes. When you have that item on how do you FEEL? Frumpy, out of style, embarrassed? Or do you feel comfortable, fabulous, and ready to show off what you’ve got? I think you know what to go for.

minimalist wardrobe clothes having on a bar.

12 Month Rule To Keep A Minimalist Wardrobe

Clear out what you have not worn in the last year. Be completely honest with yourself. Ask yourself why you have not worn it. Did you just not like it or did it make you feel uncomfortable? Maybe it did not fit right.

I made the mistake of buying t-shirts that were so thin you could see my bra through them. Even if I wore them at home I was still self-conscious. I felt awful even when no one was around. Get rid of items like that.

Exceptions to the 12-month rule.

There are only a few exceptions to when it is ok to ignore this rule.

First is if you are keeping something like project clothes for messy things. BUT remember that you only need one or two tops and bottoms for this. You don’t need 5 different pairs of paints for painting.

Second, you can keep something longer if it is a seasonal item or special event type of piece. But if you have passed that piece of clothing up for something else more than twice get rid of it. It is easy to take up a lot of space for someday’s that never come.

Organize Your Closet By Color

I used to organize my clothes by type of clothing item. Which makes sense to some degree. If you are someone who likes simplicity, having the colors all mixed up will add just a touch to the chaos. It might not seem like it but what you see plays a huge role.

Another reason this helps is when you go into your closet to decide what to wear you decide based on color or a certain item you thought of. It is much easier to go right to that color section to find it. Once you have the first time you build your outfit for the day from there. So you can go directly to the matching colors.

You might be thinking ok but what if it is multi-colored? Look at that time from a distance and ask yourself what is the first color you see? Put it with those colors.

If you want to take it one step further you can organize the items within that color from warmest to coolest in regards to fabric. For example order them by sweater, cardigan, long sleeve shirt, short sleeve, and tanks. You get the idea.

Woman looking through her closet

A Minimalist Wardrobe Can Breath

Get down to a level of clothing that you feel like you can breathe. If you are in a closet that is so full you have a hard time finding things then you need to cut back. You don’t have to be so reduced that you have a capsule wardrobe. A good gage is if your hangers have a little wiggle to them and you do not have to use your body weight to move the row that is hanging. Not jam-packed.

Be totally honest with yourself and get rid of the things you don’t really like.

Don’t keep things for fear of not having enough. This one is hard if you grew up when money was an issue or in a home where things like “that costs money” or “or we can’t afford that” are said often. Knowing the value of money is important. But we can take it too far.

You might feel like you have to keep that shirt because you don’t like because you are afraid you might need it someday. Women tend to think scarcity and our security mechanism tells us that we don’t have enough. Even if we know that is not true.

After I have gone through literally everything and purged what I did not wear or was only keeping because someone gave it to me. I have also noticed when I get rid of clothes that I did not feel comfortable in and I was only keeping them because I was afraid of not having enough. I started to like the other clothes I had even more because I didn’t have the other clothing items there to cloud my vision of the clothes I had.

That might seem strange but try it. You will see what I mean.

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