Room Decor Refresh In Minutes


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For me I often what to change up the decor after all of the Christmas decorations come down. What spired my little room refresh was having a bachelorette party here in a few weeks. So yes maybe my everything needs to look nice kicked in.

Or right as the weather gets cool I get a little “nesty” in preparation for winter. Whether you are getting tired of seeing the same old same old. Or you what to give a room a nice refresh you have guests over. I am going to give you some quick tips to refresh a room in no time.

Rearrange and Refresh Your Home Decor

When you stare at the same things over and over again your eyes in mind begin to ignore them. If you want your room to feel newly decorated in fresh without spending too much. Look at what’s already in the room or in another room of your house that you can bring in and rearrange the decor to give it a fresh new look.

Consider putting a blanket over the back of a chair. Or switching the pillows around. You can also switch things up by putting the wall hangings on a different wall. Another way you can give decorative pillows a refresh is by getting pillow covers to give them a fresh new look instead of buying completely new pillows. Which are four to five times as much.

Put Like Items Together

This is one that will make all the difference in the world put like items together.

Don’t put spring decor with fall decor. Or rustic with modern.

Even if it is not a style you love right now it will look more cohesive if you put similar items together. The same goes for colors don’t put pastel items with neutrals and vice versa. When one decor item has to compete with another. It’s like this visual battle going on right before your eyes causing it to look cluttered instead of decorative.

basket, glass vase, greenery

Get Rid Of What You Don’t Love

As time goes on and your style will change. Or maybe you have decor someone gave you and you are using it because it’s what you had. We all start somewhere and that is totally fine.

But if you don’t love it get rid of it. When I had to rearrange the living room this winter to put up the Christmas tree. I had to take out an end table and there was this huge lamp on the table that was there just because.

It was old and I hated it more every time I looked at it. Once the tree came down I decided that the lamp was not coming back in the house.

It goes back to the last point if you don’t love the items together they’re going to compete with each other causing your mind to get distracted and not enjoy the decor you have.

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If you feel guilty throwing them out, give them away.

If the items are still good one of my favorite things to do is either take them to Goodwill or find a new couple from church. And donate the decor to them.

Less Is Truly More

When it comes to home decor in decorating a room less is truly more. When there is too much on a shelf or an end table it just looks like a lot of clutter rather than making the room feel cozy and inviting.

If there is just one piece that doesn’t fit remove it. You don’t have to completely get rid of it but if something doesn’t fit it’s not going to complement the decor. Start with fewer pieces on a display then add more if you feel like something is missing.

Refresh With Smell

Don’t let this one weird you out. But even if you don’t think the room smells bad to give it a spritz of Fibreeze (here is my favorite pet deodorizer one) or start the essential oils diffuser.

If you need a little help or more ideas to make a room smell fresh, check this post out.

Focus On What You See

I will say this until I am blue in the face. Don’t worry about the parts of a room that nobody sees. Your brain will fill in the pieces it doesn’t see. So if you did not have time to decorate that secret corner the way you wanted to. Don’t sweat it.

Worry about what people (or you) will see.

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