Battling Writers Block By Creating An Idea Bank

Writer’s block is a real thing. From having to write blog posts, social captions, emails, and show descriptions you can be faced with that empty space and having no idea what words to use to fill the space.

Blink, blink, blink…… Aaaahhh!! That curser is staring you down. Just daring you to write those first words.

Having no idea what to write is insanely annoying. You want to write but nothing seems like the right topic. Or better yet you start and you have no idea how to get past the introduction. Or you have the meat of the post but no intro.

Are you ready to put a stop to fight the war on writer’s block? Ok, maybe that was a little over the top but here you go…

Create An Idea Bank

There are several ways you can do this. You might be a digital person or you might be like me and love paper. Do come up with awesome ideas I think you need to be a little of both.

We live life in a digital world and we can’t completely ignore that. You have to be practical when managing everything you do.

Ideas will come to you at the most inconvenient times. In the shower, sweeping the floor, driving down the road and so on… You need to have a way to collect those ideas and save them for later.

If I am home I always have a notebook that I scribble notes down for ideas for a post or if I come up with a thought that would be a good part of a post.

One of my favorite things is to voice to text my thoughts in a trello card. Open up your phone and look at the keyboard. Look to see if you can find a little bitty microphone button. If you have this option it will convert speech to text! Pretty awesome huh? If you don’t have that, most phones have a voice recorder app and you could do that if typing is unsafe.

The key to this part is consistency with whatever you decide to do. If you don’t you will have ideas everywhere and never create a post out of them.

Come Up With Ideas When Your Mind Is Flowing

There will be some days when your mind will be doing really well at coming up with ideas. So step into that. Keep writing down ideas when the time is working well.

Some ideas will just pop into your mind and other times you will have to work at it. Use magazines to find articles or to use the titles but change it to work for your own blog topics.

Ideas For An Editorial Calendar

What good are those ideas if you don’t do something with them? You need to create a plan for those ideas. Like I said earlier I am a natural paper person but I also live in an online world. So you may have heard of this tool called trello. It seems like everyone is using it these days. It is a free tool that people use to organize as many aspects of their life as that want. Homelife, business. Kids activities, homeschooling, and all the things.

One of my many boards is for my blog posts where I store all of my ideas and then once a month I go in and layout the posts for the next two months and give them due dates once I know that is the post I want to do. Sound pretty cool? You can grab your free trello board below and start your own editorial calendar.

The Medium Can Cause Writer’s Block

Like I said I am naturally geared towards paper. I love notebooks and planners are an addiction. Once I create my editorial calendar in trello I also use small sticky notes, cut them in half and write the title of the blog post on them and add them to my paper planner on the date they are due. I know this sounds a little bit like overkill but here is the reason why.

While I do my best to keep work and family life separate it is also something I do that takes my time and I do not want to plan a crazy life, while I think work and life should have their place they are also intertwined even if we don’t want to admit it. With my posts on my calendar, I can see what is due and where I need to leave space for writing.

Unplug If You Are Struggling With Writer’s Block

I often will write my posts in a word processor for many reasons. One is if I don’t have my computer connected to the internet it is not as easy to get distracted and check five different things before I start writing. In doing that I can literally go anywhere and write. A change in location will do wonders for the creative mind.

I also have limited high-speed internet. GASP! I know a blogger’s worst nightmare.

Then the beauty of getting off-screen! Oh, my friend, you must try this some time. If I can see what posts are coming without having to get online I will write out 2-3 titles in a notebook and go outside or just site somewhere new and write out the intro and the main points. You will be surprised at how fast your mind will come up with information.

Read the post on how to not compare your situation to others. 

Just keep in mind that no one person is alike and you have to do what works for you. Take a part of one person’s system and another from someones else and make them work together for you. There is no “right way” to run your business. Be experimental and see what works for you.

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