Country Fashion Tips – What Is It And How To Get Started

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Fashion of any style can be hard to figure out. Before you jump into country fashion I want to make sure you realize that you can tweak things to feel comfortable FOR YOU! That is the most important thing. 

Country/Western fashion can be on the bold and bright side which if I am being honest isn’t for me. It is possible to still have a country style and tone down the bright colors and patterns. 

Country Fashion Vs Western Fashion

Country fashion is a bit more… well, calm. Whereas western fashion is bright and bold with lots of detail. 

Even people who prefer country fashion will dress up in western attire for events and even livestock shows.

If you go to a county fair you will see this style alot during show days where kids and even adults are showing their animals. 

This image is a perfect example of a western style.

Lady wearing a western-style fringe leather jacket.

The image below is getting closer to the country style. Just keep in mind that the situation and daily life is going to dictate what you would wear.

Lady wearing a denim jacket showing a more accurate example of country fashion.

Fitting Country Fashion To Your Personality

Now I am the type of person that the clothes I am wearing will affect my mood. It’s weird I know but if I wear something bright and bold on a day when I’m feeling more quiet then it throws my whole mood off.

Don’t feel like you have to wear certain things because you are trying to portray a certain image. People can spot a fake a mile away and that won’t win you any favors. 

Here are some tips to see if something is right for you when it comes to country fashion pieces. 

  • Hold the item in front of you and see what it does to your mood if you had it on. Does it make you feel confident or does it make you want to hide?
  • Can you see yourself wearing it often or will it likely sit in the back of your closet? 
women leaning against a fence with a sweater, white t-shirt, and distressed jeans on.

How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

Fashion can be as expensive or as affordable as you want to make it. Country and western fashion especially can be quite pricey if you let it. This is a great example.

  • Don’t feel stuck with only buying from western stores. 
  • Brand names don’t matter. 
  • Don’t be afraid to look second hand.

Country Fashion Color Pallets

If you are going for the muted tones and cozy vibe then you want to have warm and neutral as well as natural colors in your closet. By natural, I mean colors of nature.

Having a color pallet you like will help all of your clothes to work together giving you more outfit options. When you can only wear a particular piece one or two ways you can get bored with it really fast.

Summer Colors

Summer can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t love bright colors. But Here are some great options that you could give a try.

Brighter yellows and tan summer color pallet for a country fashion wardrobe.

This is a more feminine color pallet without the bring colors that might make you feel out of your comfort zone.

The feminine color pallet for a country fashion wardrobe.


Fall and winter can pretty much go together which is great. Depending on where you live you likely don’t get a whole lot of fall weather. It gets cold pretty quickly.

Fall color pallet for a country fashion wardrobe.


Winter tends to have richer colors mainly because of the holiday celebration. It’s up to you if you want to shift or just keep wearing your fall colors. It all depends on your lifestyle. Do you go to a lot of places over the holidays or do you stay home?

Winter color pallet for a country fashion wardrobe.

Comfortable Yet Stylish Country Fashion

If I have to choose I like a little bit more of an elegant style. I think people should put in at least a little bit of effort when it comes to looking nice, even if no one else is around.

There is no reason why you can’t have on a tank top with a nice cut and a little pattern on it instead of a ratty old sports top that should be headed to the rag bag. They are both just as cool and comfortable on a hot summer day. You might be surprised how much better you will feel about yourself with the small change.

If you struggle to put outfits together this post will help you out.


Solid Macrame High Neck Tank Top – Shop Here

This is one of my favorites. It has a hint of class and is still not too dressy for wearing around the house. A perfect piece for a country fashion styled wardrobe

24/7 Red Floral High Neck Tank Top – Shop Here

Tan Floral Button Down Tank Top – Shop Here

Solid Lace Layered Tank without Necklace – See Here

Flutter Sleeve Ruffle Wrap All Over Print Dress – See Here

Country Fashion For Doing Chores

I am a big believer in taking pride in your appearance no matter what you do. Yes you may be sweating like a dog digging in the garden but there is no need to be in oversized clothes with paint splotches.

You can have your work clothes and your nice clothes but having a tank top that fits well and a pair of shorts that were not made in the 80s will be ten times better. Making small choices about your appearance will help you have such a nigher opinion of yourself than if you just don’t care anymore.

Ok ok I will get off that soapbox now.

Quick Tips To Start Switching Your Closet Over

  • Don’t completely throw out everything you have. Start with the pieces that are so far out of the look you are going for.
  • Get rid of the things you truly don’t like.
  • Less is more when it comes to clothing. If your closet is packed full you miss the things you truly love. – This will help to take a more minimalist look at your clothes.
  • Give yourself a budget each month. Buy things at the end of the season so you can get a better deal.
  • Have colors that could all work together giving you more options.

Brands That Have Good Affordable Pieces

Like I have said before you don’t have to stick to a brand just because it is a “country fashion” brand get creative with the places you find clothing. Pull in different pieces from different brands.

Here are some that do pretty well if you look.

Maurices – they are one of my all-time favorites. Their clothing is subtle and relaxed but you still look put together. There are few brands where I like everything they put out but this is one of them.

Buckle – Buckle is great for jeans and even some tops. You just have to look to see what they have.

Ariat – They are one of the best bootmakers especially for daily wearing and support.

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