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Still freezing our tush’s off over here but we are keeping it together. We should be above freezing in just a few days!!! So pumped to get rid of some of this slick stuff I get afraid to walk on.

We have about 12 inches of snow and ice that I get to walk on while doing the farm chores so I forget and hit my head on stuff because I am a lot higher up than I normally am. Gosh, you guys send help.

Blog Biz News

I got excepted into the program!!!! This is such a honor and exciting thing because they don’t let just anyone in the program.

What the heck is it? Well in short it is a place where I put a group of my favorite products and share them with you.

Here is an example.

This is my sweeper that survives daily use and can clean up after my big hairy Saint Bernard. I can link that product from the image here.

Click this link and you will see what I mean.

As I am figuring this new app out I would love to have you along this journey.

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Home Sprucing

Sometimes you just need to give your main living area a facelift no matter how small it may be. When you have been cooped up inside for months and winter is starting to weigh on you.

Here are some quick tips to help freshen up an area of your home.

  • Takedown the out-of-season decor.
  • Take down anything you don’t truly love. – Here’s the thing. Less is more. When you have too much up that doesn’t work together it’s like this visual battleground and you don’t love any of it.
  • Move things around. – If you stare at the same things for too long it will become old and stale. When you put things in a different place your brain pays attention to it again. Make sense?

Hobby lobby had some awesome spring finds that I brought home to give our main living area a facelift. It’s a struggle because we still very much need warm weather clothes but you can still freshen up how you display them. Putting the winter hats and gloves in a basket that fit my style a little better helped lift the mood.

Also a PSA I don’t think you have to have bright pastel colors to decorate for spring. Those are definitely not my thing.

Spring is simply a fresh new start and is a sign of new life.

So bring those things into your home.

  • Fresh clean candles.
  • Greenery
  • Swap out old stale décor for a new look.
  • If you are into the farm decor adding animals to your arrangements will help with this as well.

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