Coffee & Conversation: Cabin Fever, Turkeys, And Hair Supplies

I am starting a new thing this week in effor to make things a little more personal for you and fun for me.

Coffee and Conversations will be a weekly post that comes out on Friday for the weekend so we can just chat and have fun. If there is one trend I am seeing in the blogger space is the fact that it’s becoming all business and no fun and relaxation. That will burn you out quicker than you can say I’ve lost my hot potato mustache.

I am guilty of taking the fun out of things in order to “succeed” more then I would like to admit. So here is to taking it back to fun and less obsession. Cool?

With one final week left in January cabin fever has bitten both Brian and I. Straitening, purging of junk, and organization has been happening on our side of the screen. Praise the Lord for a husband who likes things as neat as I do.

I think the Christmas tree needs to come down this weekend. As much as I love the warm glow it gives the living room in the evening its time. I never want to leave Christmas décor up so long it isn’t special any longer.

In other news…

We have turkeys coming in April, I am STOKED!!!!

They are the goats of the poultry species as far as temperament goals. They are naturally so friendly and all up in your business. I know I know I would get annoyied with a human that was being nosy but with animals is fun to have them actualy want to be around you.

This key got in my lap on his own while I was doing some planning in the rabbitry.😆

Bourbon red turkey sitting on my lap

Its been almost two years since had them and an owl cleaned out our flock of turkeys. More to come about them once they get here.

I was slightly irked by my local beauty supply shop (which shall remain nameless) going bagless. Thankfully I could carry what I had out but come on give a girl some warning. There is word that Kroger might be doing that too… We buy a full cart every time we go. SO I guess we are just supposed to deal hu?

We are looking at getting tubs that we can but in the back of the truck that look like this that are not supper heavy when full. I guess I will be crocheting myself a shopping fishnet style bag when I go by myself. That will give me a reason to crochet and not feel like it’s pointless. (Yes, I’m a little over the top when it comes to doing things for a reason and never waiting time…🙄

Randomness From The week

  • I was seeing a pricy blow dryer brush like this (p.s. this one is only $40) show up in my Instagram feed and of course, it was sucking me in. In looking for a more affordable alternative I found this brush instead!! It’s working great and a whole lot cheaper than a $100 hairdryer with a brush on the end.
  • I stumbled on the hashtag #targetdresschallenge… based around the pioneer dresses that are starting to come out in Target and Walmart!! Um…. let me think. NO! Not gonna wear it wouldn’t be prudent.

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