Coffee And Conversations: I almost sold my blog, 9 inches of snow, working out.

Oh my lanta… I sit here with jiggly arms trying to type after a workout from the Bode By Lex App which I have come to love because it tells you how many reps to do and no one is naggings you on a video to “keep going”… I I have a good idea way that annoys me.. It probably has something to do with all of the PT I had to deal with as a kid with therapists never taking into account some of our health issues that didn’t allow us to do the things they want us to do.

Anyway, enough whining about that. I really don’t care about looking a certain way (of course that would be nice) but it doesn’t drive me. BUT, I am seeing the effects it is having on my mood and daily strength. Sooo I am buckling down to do SOMETHING every weekday. Even if it is just a few minutes. I am one of those types that has to do all or nothing. I can’t do 3 days a week or I will forget or push it aside.

The Most Snow We Have Had In Years

This week is the coldest it has been in YEARS! AND we got 9 inches of snow on Monday which is the most we have had at one time in probably a decade. No joke.

It was beautiful. I am learning to enjoy the little things in life and stop the push to continually work.

Be Who He Created You To Be And He Will Handle The Rest

I was talking to God while doing the feeding the other day saying “I don’t have any more words left to write. I know this is where you want me to be but what do you want me to say?”

And in that moment I felt God tell me this. “You be who you are and I’ll handle the rest.” So many times as Christians we put so much peruse on ourselves to be this amazing leader who is always doing something that seems “religious” when really we are called to be who HE created us to be. And God will use our work to plant seeds in the hearts of others.

Because let me tell you when we are trying to do what the world says is the way we should look online or be what is the “industry standard” we will never feel fulfilled.

I came so close to selling this blog. But the truth is I know THIS is where God wants me. But I had to be willing to let go of what the leaders say is the “right way” and write what HE puts on my heart. Whether that is how to have an intentional small farm, how to do something in your home, or a lesson I learned during the week.

Random Tidbits From The Week

  • Best Winter Hats For Women – I left my only winter hat at my parent’s house and to be honest it didn’t do much to keep warm but it was better than nothing. I was dragging my feet about finding a new one because I don’t look good in hats to begin with. But the single-digit temps light a fire under my butt to order one. I put the hat I bought in this blog post as well as some other awesome deals that look cute but still keep you warm in the post. Now I have to go shovel the 9 inches of snow off the sidewalk so the amazon man will bring my order to the door and not turn around and drive away.😂😂
  • I found out a “doe” I kept from my past spring litters has boy parts🙄 Yes it happens to the best of us.
  • That same rabbit also reminded me that some days rabbits just don’t pose well one day because they are ticked and won’t sit right. (so PSA If your rabbit is posing really ugly try again a few days later before you decide for sure if it can stay or not.)

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