Coffee And Conversations: How I Minimized Facebook, Learning To Slow Down, Friday Favorites

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Oh so many things to share. Its amazing what can happen in a week. I have been battling with a few different things. But one was what to do about Facebook. 🙄 Regardless of the direction you vote their actions over the election season literally made me feel like I needed a shower after using the platform. BUT I also use it for a few different things. One is to talk to my friends that live out of the state or even out of country.

And the other it to give my rabbitry buyers a second communication option to email. Pretty important stuff right? So I kept ignoring it thinking I really didn’t have a choice but it kept bugging me. Then this crazy election showed up and I wanted off the platform more than ever. I have always been a trust my gut and God kind of person and if I had that burning fire in my heart then I knew it wasn’t just me wanting to quit something hard.

At that moment I asked myself “what can I do to quiet the noise? But also keep those two important aspects of the platform” I left all the groups that were “just because” groups. Then cleaned out all the posts on the Facebook page for the rabbitry that I use as a communication tool. Created a few posts that explained the purpose of the page so if people found it they knew not to expect content but to go to the blog for that.

Then I deleted the Facebook app off my phone and only have the messenger app and the FB business suite app (basically the Facebook pages app). That way it keeps me from scrolling and I can just do what I want the platform to do.

Sometimes when it feels like there isn’t a good answer to the problem we are looking for we just need to sit with it until God brings the right answer to us.

And sometimes its not an all or nothing situation.

Struggling to find biblical teaching for business owners and work.

Another thing I was looking for and struggling with was needing the mindset of business. But being a Christian that is very hard to find. People push you to do what makes business sense but don’t know about or think your crazy for making decisions based on what God is calling you to do.

So after the online changes, I made I was starting to feel empty and just needing some spiritual leadership in an area that most are not experienced in. BUT for Christmas, my best friend gave me a She Works His Way devotional and that led me back to the company (which I had almost forgotten about) right when I needed it most. So if you are needing some encouragement and soul-filling but strong biblical teaching then check out she works his way here.

Here are some key statements that I have taken out of their class on working effectively over being successful.

  • Be Unattached to the results that He chooses.
  • Your pace will dictate your peace.
  • Taking a sabbath is your tithe time.

Can you tell where I struggle the most cough… Slowing down and resting…

My Top Friday Favs

Here are some of the top things I am loving that I have around my home that I have found something as close as posible for you on amazon.

  • Warm cozy boots that have a soul so you can go outside in them but also wear them around the house to stay warm. – See On Amazon
  • My HEATED BLANKET!!!! Having one of these around is amazing because when you are trying not to burn through the propane before summer AND not freeze to death this guy will save you. Plus this one is thick enough that you don’t feel like you are hugging a ball of wires either. – See On Amazon
  • My Erin Condren Planner! What I am finding is that when you are a natural paper minded person don’t fight writing it down. I use the planner for everything and it suites me well. Everything the blog, home, farm animals. All the things get written down in there. Here is a $10 off coupon for first time EC buyers. pppsssttt they will email it to you so make sure to check your email first before you check out.

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