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A Clean Beauty Products Experiment – First Impressions, In Real Life Tests, And Reviews

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You don’t care about the product ingredients.🤐 You care about the results that the ingrediency cause or don’t cause…

Bold statement I know but hear me out.

Do you really care what the ingredient is called? Or do you care about what could happen if you use that product long enough? THAT right there is the really truth behind it.

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A week ago my paternal grandmother passed of a 12 year-long battle with cancer. So to say that the health implications of putting chemicals on your body is at the top of my mind is an understatement.

Weeks before this God has also been putting different people in my social media feeds and people on different podcasts that I listen to talking about healthier products. I was starting to get the hint.

Take A Grace-Filled Approach To Clean Products

One thing I was doing wrong and you might be feeling this way too is I don’t have the money (nor the want to) to dump everything out and buy all new products.

Buttt that also felt like a lot of work. Then I heard Jorden Dooley say that we need to take a grace-filled approach to find and switch to clean products. That got my attention.

So Here Is How This Will Work

I don’t have the time (or the want to) to make my own products. Nor do I want it to feel like a financial commitment to live healthier. I don’t know about you but I also don’t want to commit too hard to find products.

So I am starting with what I’ve got and what you likely have as well. Kroger and Wal-Mart😁 Yep that is all my little town has when it comes to grocery stores.

  • I will start with ONE product at a time. (deodorant, hair soap, body wash…)
  • Start with the lowest price available that meets the ingredient requirements. – Why spend $20 if you can spend $7 (My goal is to find products for the lowest price possible but if I try a higher-priced product I will try to share if I think the price increase is worth it.)
  • Test It out for at least one full bottle’s worth of product. Hopefully in different seasons of the year as well unless I just flat out and straight up don’t like it.
  • Then I will come back here to this post and share my honest thoughts of the product.

Also side note… No animal testing is not a requirement for me. Personal opinion here is I would rather them test it on animals then humans or not at all. Just my opinion.

The Clean Beauty Products Have To WORK!

I am cheap and I want the product to WORK! Like, like I better not notice its on kind of work.

I have had a shower within an hour of being awake every single day. My shampoo must make my hair feel light and clean… For household products, clean surfaces are more important to me than clean products. Anywho you get the point. I’m a snob.

Clean Beauty Products List

Ok here is where the fun begins. I am going to test out each beauty product for a good long while before I say If I like it or not. BUT I will share my first impressions and the product info. That I can give you right off the bat.

Clean Deoderent

Ok y’all this is the first product I decided to start with because of some of the major health issues it can cause for women.

Simple Truth (Krogers Organic Brand)

  • Price – $4.49 (full price) I was blessed to find it on sale for buy one get one free so I brought home two scent
  • Scent Options – Four different options at our local Kroger. (Cucumber mint [smeld nothing like what I thought that should smell like], Unscented, Sandlewood, Charcol)
  • First Impressions – Smells were ok. After using for 48 hours I am fairly impressed. My one drawback is the bar is very hard and almost waxy. However… I don’t notice it on so that’s the main goal.
simple truth clean deodorant product label with ingredients list.

Results – Going to test in cold weather, hot temps/doing farm chores, On dark clothing

Other Brands Of Clean Beauty Products I Would Like To Try

Native Deodorant at Walmart is about $10 per tube.

I am extremely picky when it comes to beauty products and won’t make exceptions because it is “natural” if the product doesn’t work. I don’t say all of that to be very self-focused. I just want you to understand how picky I am so you know I’m not spitting in the air and seeing what it lands on.

If you have a product you would like me to try that is under $20 leave it in the comments.

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