Decorating For Christmas On A Budget – Get the most out of your decor


Need help with decorating for Christmas on a budget? Or no budget at all? No worries friend!

This time of year can be tough. We have a ton of gifts to buy, food to make, travel sometimes travel plans, decorations to put out and so many other things that cause us to spend more money than we normally would. 

Christmas should be fun and joyous. The last thing I want for you is to have decorating for Christmas cause stress in your life OR budget.

Decorating your home is one of the biggest things that add to the festive feel of Christmas and making it feel… well…. like Christmas. 

I want to share these quick tips with you to hopefully make your home feel warm and inviting this Christmas season without you feeling like you have to blow your Christmas decorating budget.

Where Do You Spend The Most Time?

As much as I would love to decorate every inch of my house for Christmas I just don’t have the space to store that much after the season has gone. Let alone how much that would cost. So think about the rooms that you are in the most and which rooms will make your home feel like your home is full of Christmas spirit. 

My home is not huge so there are two main areas I focus on. The first is, of course, the living room. The main part of the house is a big circle that includes that dining room, kitchen, and the living room which is one big L shape. The living room is the room we see even if we are just passing by going to the kitchen.  I will get to this in a minute but The spaces I SEE get a lot of attention.

The second one is the bedroom because in the winter we tend to hibernate since all of our normal activities are outside.  It has nothing to do with the fact that we have a space heater that makes that one room warmer than the rest of the house. 🤣 Well ok maybe it does.

Needless to say, those are the two rooms I focus on. Sure there are touches throughout the rest of the house but those are the main two. And boy do they get a total makeover.

Christmas candle

Be Thoughtful With The Items You Choose

Be strategic and thoughtful when you are buying decor items for your home every day. Something like these pillow covers will make pillows your home feel more “Christmasy” but can also work all year long.

Keep in mind you don’t have to choose a red. You can choose a more neutral color that matches the colors you decorate with for Christmas.

This room from Country Living Blog is the perfect example. While it is decorated for christmas look at the wall colors and natural decorations in the room. The wall colors add to the feel of Christmas.

I have purchased these in a neutral color for my living room and they are VERY Good quality for the price. They are durable and have a strong zipper so if you like to regularly wash your pillow covers they will do great.

Focus On Where Your Eyes Hit The Most

Remember how I said the living room is an L shape? When I am walking past the entryway to the living room there is a supporting wall on the left. In my normal daily routines, I don’t see the backside of that supporting wall unless I go into that room. I see the outer edge of the living room multiple times a day. In order to make the most of what I have, I don’t put a lot of Christmas decorations on that dividing wall. There are a few things but not a lot. 

Pro Tip: Our minds fill in the pieces of what we don’t see. So if you see Christmas decorations on three walls of a room but you don’t see the fourth wall behind you. Your mind assumes it has decorations on it as well. Make sense?

Another reason I encourage you to choose the rooms you focus on is because when you are going to another room other than the areas you spend time in. Your mind is most often on something else. You are not taking in the beautiful decorations as you are moving through the house.  A hallway, for example, can be last on the list for getting decorated.

Put Like Styles Together

What I mean by this is put winter or snow-themed decor in one area (or in another room) and warm reds and green decor together. When something is similar they work together and create one cohesive look and your mind almost puts together a story. A scene that comes to life before your eyes. 

Think about a Christmas village. These small houses look like another world even if you only have two or three you can group together. 

Rearrange And Remove

If you have decor that is out all year long and has a spring feel like bright tulips which is a flower associated with spring. They would detract from the Christmas decor. Take any decor like this down and put something else (or nothing) in its place.

If it would leave a big blank wall then don’t leave it empty but you can take a dollar store role of wrapping paper and wrap the wall hanging to look like a gift box. It’s a great way to change up wall decor for cheap. 

A way to make the whole room feel new is to rearrange the furniture or put lamps in a different spot. Swap out throw pillows or lap blankets. If you have ones that would go with the Christmas decor like a solid color even if it is neutral. Put that one out too.

Do what you can do this season and let the rest go. It is not easy feeling like you want to do #allthethings and not have the budget. Enjoy the moments you have and the rest is not important. 

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