6 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Facebook For Your Farm Business

Like it or not you can’t ignore Facebook for your farm business. One of the biggest social media networks is Facebook. More people use Facebook than any other social media platform in the world.

In the US alone over 71% of Americans are on Facebook. They are there almost there every single day. People take their mobile devices to the bathroom and even scroll before bed. 

Your customers are literally able to communicate with you one-on-one, for free, and more often than was possible just a few short decades ago. You can literally market your business for free if you choose to.

Everyone is There 

The fact is, pretty much everyone is on Facebook. Even my husband’s 80+-year-old grandpa has a Facebook account. 

Over the years you’ve likely noticed that the old forums and message boards that used to be popular have gone out of favor. Why? Facebook. It’s just too easy to converse with people on Facebook rather than leaving and going to another platform. If you’re not sure which platform to use after assessing where your audience is, choose Facebook just to make it easy.

Even the people who grumble about it still have their accounts.

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Targeting is Topnotch

When you boost a post on a page or run an advertisement on Facebook the targeting potential is insane. You can create a customized audience, a look-a-like audience, remarket to former website visitors, and choose from a wide variety of demographics when you create an advertisement on Facebook. You really can’t get better ad targeting if you choose to take your marketing to the next level.

It’s Easy to Use

One thing that is great about Facebook is that it’s not confusing to use. Even the older generations can get on Facebook without too much hassle and figure it out. 

With small farmers tending to be less than technical Facebook is still a great choice. Even when you’re using it for business anyone can create a Page or a Group very easily with a few clicks. 

laptop and a cup of coffee on table

Facebook Stays With The Times

You can create almost any type of content on the platform. 

Every day Facebook is adding more features to attract individuals and businesses. Facebook stories and reels are how on the platform. Right or not, when a new platform has a type of content people seem to like Facebook quickly adds it to its arsenal. Keeping people from jumping off their platform to another one to get the different types of content.

The Analytics

Once you start building your Facebook business page or group you’ll get access to amazing analytics that can help you get to know your audience even more. When you glean the information from their analytics you can use it to help you create even better products, services, and content for your audience. 

desktop showing facebook stats

You Can Build a Community

One of the driving factors of getting more sales and traffic to your website is engagement. Facebook allows you to build an active community on your pages and within groups. Because the communication is back and forth whether it’s a page or a group a small business owner can build their brand, attract more people to them, and build a community of people ready to buy what they’re selling.

laptop on a table with a cup of coffee

You really cannot afford to ignore Facebook for your farm business especially while everyone is on Facebook. It’s true that there are some audiences that are going to be found and attracted more easily on some of the other social platforms depending upon your niche (fashion comes to mind on Pinterest) but for most business owners you can’t beat Facebook.

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