A Bug In My Salad

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Good morning. So I’m working on what we need to be doing this week, we’ve got a fair amount going on. So I’m trying something a little bit different when it comes to like scheduling and keeping track of things. Mainly because “don’t get me wrong, I love paper planners” but those get difficult to rearrange things, and plan further ahead with a drag and drop capability.

So I’m going to show you a clip, or a screenshot of my Google calendar from my phone.

Something that has been awesome is for one with my husband, but then also with my sister for getting the dates when I watched her daughter, you can add people to calendars, so they can edit it and you can edit it as well. So that has been a game-changer when it comes to keeping track of things from other people and not having to go “when was this?” and it just shows up on all your phones. And it’s been a huge help. Because her days changed when I watched Candice and just things like that. So that’s been really helpful.

There’s very little that can say consistent in a schedule 100% of the time unless you have nobody else in your life.

Having things down to where you can see things in front of your face and not in your head will help keep you from just feeling so frazzled, that’s how you’re able to manage a lot different things.

You have to keep it out of your head so you can see it and readjust because sometimes things need to change even throughout the very last minute of the day.

Things can change as we all know, kids animals, spouses, all the things can have an effect on what we do when. So I’m trying just using Google Calendar for the hourly time blocks instead of a planner.

I’m still handwriting the things that are to-dos in a smaller planner and just going from there to see how well that will work on the daily.

Scean – Talking down the too the chicken coop: Alright let’s see if we can make it or I can make it down to the coop without killing myself. I have started just letting the chickens out in the morning and I’ve moved feeding time to the evening because we have to close them up at night anyways. So I might as well close the door and feed them at the same time. I have been nice and feed them inside the coop while the temperatures are low and no one is interested in coming out.

Scean – Talking to the camera in the living room: So we have a workers banquet tonight at church which we have to get ready for and probably leave around six o’clock. But I’m hoping the chickens will cooperate to either go back into the coop by then or just not not come out because that way I can keep them closed up.

We have the door like you saw on a pull system for easy opening and closing. We just have been having trouble either one with coyotes that are showing up more or foxes are starting to become rather what’s the word… plenteous populated something along those lines so I’m hoping I can get the feeding done before tonight.

I need to get back to the blog posts for the week. I am caught up to two months ahead, but I want to kind of keep it that way. So that when summer projects come and things I can hopefully, you know, take a few weeks off or just take it a little bit easier and not have to stress much.

Scean – Looking at the fire place: After taking all the Christmas decorations down I kind of felt like didn’t want it to feel empty. So I redid it a little bit. I think this is a pretty darn good transition into not yet spring but you know, keeping the mantel looking cool for the winter.

Also, here’s another trick. This is a propane fireplace and so all the fireplaces tend to have a fume that comes out.

Keeping a candle close by that you can burn really gets rid of the feumes that are put off and it’s not nearly as bad. So that’s just something to try the next time if you have some kind of gas-burning fireplace.

Seance – Toby looking out the window: Excuse me, sir. Are you looking at neighbors? The one neighbor that we do have to bark at? Like yes, this is my job. Oh boy there’s a truck over at johndeer….

Scean – Leah Talking to the camera: I’m waiting for my coffee to warm up but I had a question for all y’all who have had dogs that have gotten old. Toby is the oldest dog I’ve ever lived with because the dogs we had as kids…One was either aggression issues, one eight socks. Another one I had to put down because she bit someone we will not keep biting dogs. Another one had seizures too. They all died prematurely for things that we didn’t really have any control over.

Toby’s going to be 10 in two months. And I swear he’s like a crotchety old man. Oh my goodness. His demanding level has gone through the roof. He knows how to make a nuisance out of himself.

He wants to just go outside and walk back in for no reason. For a little bit he started to get into things just to tear up stuff for fun. Like he never did that before. He’s getting crotchety old dog habits. I don’t know what the deal is. But is this normal?

Well, he is a Saint Bernard let me tell you that too. Because that breed has some opinions and are slightly stubborn by quite a bit.

Scean – Making a salad: Little critter, how did you end up in my salad?

Sceane – Me outside with the rabbits: It’s really not as bad (cold) as you might think, the rabbits are doing well, they got the tarps over top, there’s a lot of like padding and stuff around to block the wind.

And you can touch their ears and feel like that’s their thermometer. And so if they’re not feeling cold, they’re doing okay. And especially like a lot of them, they’re big enough that they’re still not shivering or some are even laying out so you know that they’re doing okay.

And you know, we can feel a little bit guilty sometimes. But a lot of it is just that. We think of it as how we feel outside. But we weren’t designed to be living outside but animals were you have to remember that.

Yes, you don’t feel awesome, but they are getting used to it too. And also if you freak out too much and put them in somewhere warmer on the cold days and then their bodies go, “Oh, it’s getting warmer” but then really winter is not over yet.

So you’re not doing them any favors by trying to keep them in a warmer space when you feel guilty. Their bodies learn to stay warm enough when they need to. But you have to let them.


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