Coffee And Conversation: BIG Projects, Apple Babies, And Graduating Chicks

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Mercy we are dipping our toes into a busy week. We are going to start replacing our shingled roof with a metal one. And yes we are doing it ourselves…. Cute the big eyes and sideways looks as I have gotten from everyone I have told that too.

This unfortunately is our second go around. Our roof has a low peak and there was ice guard on the whole roof to prevent leaking because of the low pitch… Well, we didn’t know that until after the fact and we still had leaks after. So as a PSA if there is ice guard under your shingles when you go to replace your roof. There is a reason for it. Put it back on the whole thing. Not just an edge.

Tomato Plants

I am so excited to finally have a tomato patch!!!! I am the only one who eats them so four plants will be plenty. There are few things that make sense to spend all summer growing a vegetable that costs me .80 at the store. I’m just not gonna do it.

But tomatoes! They taste amazing if they are homegrown. Another thing I am so excited about that is growing well is the apple trees! They finally have little apple babies!

apple tree with little baby apple starts.

Apples are something that will save you some cash and you will have loads of fresh fruit to eat.

Here are some great apple tree options from home depot;

Graduating Chicks

Our batch of chicks has finally graduated outside! After a whole month of raising them in our sunroom and or putting them outside every morning and back out again. Gosh, I am so over it.

Just in time to get turkey chicks next weekend. What can I say I am a gluten for punishment.

Turkey chicks are so worth it (you can read more about them here if you are interested) they are so friendly by nature. Unlike chickens. There is a reason we have the derogatory term “are you chicken”?

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