Find The Best Crochet Items To Sell: Mind-Blowing Tips That Make Money

Want to make some income with your crochet items but don’t know what are the best crochet items to sell are?

I love having a hobby that fully pays for itself and crocheting is no different. You have to make some strategic choices about the crochet items you choose to create so you will make money. But it is so worth the effort in the end.

If you make something that people want to buy and have fun at the same time it’s a win-win.

woman crocheting

Now there is some strategy behind finding the best-selling crochet items. The answer is not to go to craft shows and spend your days looking at the old way of seeing your winter hats for a few dollars.

I am going to help you find those best sellers, figure out what people want to buy, tips to get more for your products, and give some tips to start your online store.

First I want you to think about these questions.

  • What types of items do people buy at a nice retail store that you could make?
  • What are some things that people might like to place custom orders for or get something that is one-of-a-kind?
  • What DON’T people buy crocheted? – Just because you can make it doesn’t mean you should.
  • What color schemes are in right now? – Yes, bold colors are fun to work with but would someone wear it or use it in their home?

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Crochet Business Tips

If you are looking to sell your crochet projects you need to do some research to figure out what is in high demand. This is going to be the best way to know what people want and what they will pay for.

Don’t get scared. I know this is very out of your element and I am going to walk you through how to tell what people are searching for to help you know what crochet patterns to start working on.

Use Google To Figure Out The Best Crochet Items To Sell & What’s In Style

There are a few places you can look when you are using Google to search.

The first is type one like “crochet” Then look to see all the words that come after it. Thinks like scarf, hat, beanie, and blanket will come up.

searching for best crochet items to sell in google

NOTICE I did not say women’s swimwear, tank tops, jewelry, or sun hats. Again just because you can crochet it doesn’t mean you should. If people aren’t searching for it don’t think they want it crocheted. Just because that free pattern was hanging from the yarn rack at Hobby Lobby does not mean it is in style.

When you see something you want to start a project on like blankets for example.

Look at what comes up in search as far as designs go. Work off of that. If you can make something that is handmade and looks like a classy design then do that. You are going to be able to charge more.

Go To Other Home Decor Websites And Design Stores

This is a great idea! If you know you want to make blankets, hats, or scarfs of some kind go to a store like a world market or another high-end place to see what they have as their seasonal design.

Sites And Shops to Check Out

You can even follow fashion bloggers on Instagram to see what they are promoting each season and see if you can find something that is “in” but you can make as well. You might even year of some popular brands or shops that people buy from and you can look at their online stores to see what is in style.

For example, the chunky yarn used to be really big with popular home decor influencers but that is starting to not be as popular. Well, that is a good way to tell what your target audience is starting to want.

Use Etsy To Tell What People Are Buying

Etsy is going to be a great place to do a lot of market research for what crochet products you can make and sell easily.

Find a product that looks like something you would make and click on it.

Just like google go in and search crochet + modifier word like blanket, scarf, bag, or whatever.

Look at the number of sales from the Etsy shop so you know they are not completely new.

image showing how to tell the number of sales in an Etsy shop

This shop has been around a while and they have over 2000 sales.

Go to their shop page and click the stars at the top right by the shop name as shown in the image below.

showing how to find Etsy shop reviews

Read through their shop reviews. What are people saying. Look at the words they are using.

what types of words people are using for crochet item reviews.

Soft, beautiful, cozy… If those are the words people are using that is a good indicator that the type of product is what people want.

Here Is A List Of Crocheted Items That Would Be A Good Place To Start

  • Market bags
  • Headband ear warmers
  • Baby accessories
  • Items for the winter season
  • Scarfs
  • Hats
  • Beenies

Be Careful Of Profit Margin

You never want to just make something and then look at the going rate and list it for what you think you can get or your item. You could end up selling the item for less than you paid for the materials.

When you are deciding what to make be mindful of how much it will cost you.

If a lap-size throw cost you $75 to make and you spent several hours making it are people going to be willing to pay $150 for a small blanket? Unless you have built a brand around your crochet business probably not.

Make sure to have a way to track what you paid for the skein of yarn you us for your items. As well as how long it took you to make the item. So you can get a decent hourly rate for what you made as well as being compensated for the materials. We want you to have a nice amount of extra money in your pocket. We don’t want you working off a small commission.

How To Figure Out How Much To Price Crochet Items

I am going to be fully honest with you. Making money crocheting the items themselves is going to be a side hustle income. Probably not a full-time income and you will still be putting in full time work hours. Unless you are willing to do the really hard work of building up social media platforms to build a brand and get people to want your unique products. The issue is it’s not scalable. You are trading time for dollars and you will hit your limit. You may have to look into other income streams if you what to increase your revenue and make a lot of money.

Here are some ways you can figure out how much you can charge for what you are selling.

Using Etsy

Again go back to Etsy and look for items with multiple sales. The scarf below shows that it has been sold over 400 times. Now there really isn’t a way to see if someone has raised or lowered the price but this will give you a good idea of if someone has sold it at that price.

Nicer In-person Shops

These items are not hand made but you can still go back to the shops and stores I talked about using to tell what is in style and see what they are charging. You will know at a minimum you can charge that price for your product. There are chunky knit blankets on amazon for over $100 so you know a handmade blanket could go for more.

Increase Perceived Value To Your Ideal Customer

First off you need to know who your target market is. What do they value, where do they shop, and what level of retail prices do they pay? These things will help you decide the best crochet items to make.

The most important thing is to always keep bringing every decision you make back to the potential customer (the person) who will buy your crochet items.

Note: It’s not the deal seeker who buys a $10 hat or scarf from Walmart. Those people will not pay you the price you need to make to get your handmade business off the ground.

This is a person who values handmade products or a person who wants luxurious yarns. Someone who will pay top dollar for a customer order.

But even more than that what can you do to increase the preserved value that someone gets from your crochet hat or scarf?

Tell The Benefits Not Just The Features

When you are listing your item for sale you can list the “features” but add the why behind it.

  • It is made out of angora rabbit wools – so that– you will stay warm and cozy for as long as you wear this scarf.
  • This scarf is 50 inches long – so that– you can wrap the scarf as thickly as you need it to keep your neck warm.
  • It is made out of cruelty-free yarn – so that– you can rest easy knowing that no animal was harmed in making the materials for your scarf.

The idea is to put a boring stat or feature about the product that is nice to know it in a light that makes them feel good and gives them a reason to care.

When you write your product listing add the features and ask yourself “so what” for each thing you put. Is there a way to make people want the product even more?

Beautiful Images

While you also need to take the best images possible you can make the images look better by taking out the background and putting them on a pretty shop mockup-style image. Or even taking them out and laying them on a wooden background. is going to make them look way better than a low-quality image with a model that has no experience.

Which one do you want to buy more? The image on the left or the right?

Here is another good example of photography that will help sell your crochet items.

good rochet items to sell

You can remove the background with something like canva pro OR you can use this free website and link upload it to canva to make the design.

Keep the images clean and classy.

People are drawn to what is pretty and even if you don’t send anything extra or have pretty packaging people will look at that item with much higher value.

Pretty Shipping

You don’t have to spend a lot but can you get colored tissue paper or some kind of pretty shipping packaging? You could do something as simple as tie the inner package up with twine like you would a gift box ribbon and people would love it. Not the one that goes through the mail but the wrapping you put around the item you sold.

Limited Edition

Can you make things that are limited edition and only have so many for sale and that’s it? The different seasons is a great way to make collections of products to sell. It’s also a great way to get sales quickly and also build up suspense for people wanting to buy your products.

You can make money from your handmade crochet items. But building up your business is going to take some time. The great thing about it is they aren’t going to go bad. So when the market is down or you decide to sell high-end items. you may have to be patent to get the price you want to make.

Just keep building a large customer base while you wait and keep showing what you have for sale.

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