Behind The Screen #1 | How To Deal With Life Changes

Knowing how to deal with life changes is never easy. Curve balls come every so often and sometimes it sends several all at once. This has been my life for the past few weeks.

Today is going to be the first of what I would like to call my “behind the screen” series.

Essentially they are going to be quarterly updates of what is going on here on my side of the screen. They will be a way for you to get to know me a little more and to help you see that life is never perfect for anyone. Maybe you will get a few takeaways out of it to help you too.

Anyways… Moving on.

There has been so much happening this month alone that I could fill a book.

Fun News

It is always a blessing to have someone think what you do is cool but to be in a book! It’s definitely not something you expect.

Yours truly was included in the book 100 side hustles which came out in June! The rabbitry was featured as one of the side hustles along with 99 other awesome side hustlers (click the image to check it out)

Home Projects

Spring took its sweet time getting here and we did not have nice warm weather until mid-June. Causing us to take far longer to get outdoor projects rolling. I am so excited to FINALLY have our black shutters GONE and now painted a natural green color. The new gardens are in and looking great considering this used to be a weed patch. The curb appeal is coming a long way.

I don’t have all of the beds filled in yet because I want to build them out with plants the way I like them. NOT just throw in what I have. Plus I am picky about the colors that are together. Oranges and pinks! Absolutely Not! So I had to wait until some of the lilies I have bloomed so I could see what colors they are.

We had plans to completely redo the family room but…

…this gets into one of my curveballs.

Personal News

My sweet husband will be going to school to advance his career! I am so proud of him but it almost stops me in my tracks knowing the time it will take and how much less time we will have together.

I don’t consider myself to be an obsessive wife. Always having to be with him or knowing where he is. But I definitely get a twinge in my heart when I have to share him.

Contrary to what people think just because you are married to someone does not mean you see them all the time.

I know what can tackle this together but I am missing him already. Did I mention I had about 7 weeks from having no clue he was planning on going to school until the time school starts in August! Yeah, that was a fast one. We pretty much have to jump right in to get all of the right pieces moving.

When we knew it was going to be “for real” we were both in a funk for two days. I wanted to sit on the floor and cry my eyes out. But I was a big girl and kept it under control.

Life loves to throw us surprises and how we handle them will affect the results. Life is hard. No one ever said it was easy. But if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life.

Sometimes you just have to sit with the idea. We can’t fix things all the time even though I wish we could. It is ok to feel crippled for a day or two when something big happens. Let yourself feel.

If the mood starts to last for a week or more then you really need to think about ways you can help yourself get out of that funk. Go for a walk, journal about it, talk to someone who will just listen and not give you ways to fix the problem.

When you are searching for healing and you don’t know what to say. Just listen. Play your favorite song and listen to it. God never wants to leave you in a hurting place. He knows your heart and thoughts. Even when you don’t have the strength to utter words you can still

Remember that not all bad things happen because you did something wrong. Sometimes they just happen.

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