Affordable Farmhouse Style Pillow Covers

Pillows are some of the best ways to make your home feel warm and inviting. But let’s be honest, decorative pillows can be very overpriced and when we have perfectly good pillows it seems silly to throw them out and get new ones. 

So why not cover the old to make them look fresh and new again. All of these covers are a 4-star rating or higher on amazon so you can have them sent right to your door. 

Farmhouse Style Pillow Covers Under $10

Simple and sweet designs work with any home decor style. even if you change things up down the road. All of these are 18×18 cotton linen pillow cover.

Animal Silhouette Prints

I had to throw these in there because I mean come on its a farmhouse right?

All four pillows below are from the same seller. There are 25 or more different styles and some were not even farm animals so I am sure you will find something you like there.  Again both are 18×18 cotton linen pillow cover.

Having animals might not be your style but I do think the black silhouette of livestock can still be styled a little more classy.

Pillow Covers From $10.01 to $15

Pack of 2 covers 18×18 linen cotton. There were some other colors but this nice tab will match any seasonal decor that you might put up later.

This cover below is even more cottage style and would make any couch cozy during the winter. I do think the cover could be all year round but it would fit best in the winter. 18×18 knit pillow cover.

The knit will work all year round but in my opinion, I think these make a better winter decor item them. 18×18 Dark Cable Knit Pillow Cover.

I am in LOVE with this set of four!

These farmhouse-style pillow covers will make any room feel soft and cozy. If you want some other tips to make your home feel warm and inviting all year then check out this blog post.

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