Affordable Christmas Pillow Covers


I will probably make you roll your eyes for how much I say this but….. Christmas is my favorite time of year. It is a sweet time that brings wonder and beauty to a season.

For most of us, the weather is cold and dreary so we need to bring a little joy into our life.

Everyone is brought to a sense of something greater than themselves even if they don’t truly know the reason for Christmas.

Ok enough sappy talk. Lets get to why you came here.

Pillow covers are AMAZING! I love home decor pillows and all of the cozy feelings they bring to a home.

Covers are easily changeable and add so much class and style to a room. Let me show you some of my favorites.

Pillow Covers Are Space Savers

The more Christmas decorations the better in my opinion and covers are great to save space and not have to keep actual Christmas pillows stored away for 10 months out of the year. Just slip overs on the pillows that sit out all the time and you have you are all set for Christmas. 

Or any season for that matter…

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Click the images to find all of these adorable covers on Amazon. I have only shared only the covers I have bought myself or with an overall score of a four-star rating or higher.

Pillow Covers Under $10

For things that will get a lot of wear because we have two small dogs that still jump on the couch it easier on the wallet to get lower priced covers.

Most sellers have multiple style so make sure to check the others out from the same amazon listing. These are perfect for subtle Christmas vibes that can stay out a lot longer then Dec 25th.

Berry Wreath

18×18 Cotton linen. This one my favorite of all the ones I was able to find.

Pine Tree With Snow

18×18 Cotton linen. This one is super simple and you can leave it out all winter long.

Red With Reindeer and Trees

18×18 Cotton linen. This is a great option for layering pillows or if you decorate with a more cabin vibe.

Quote – Its the most wonderful time of the year.

18×18 Cotton linen. This one is simple and will go with any color theme.

Christmas Pillow Covers from 10.01 to $15

Red and White Plaid 

Set of 2 covers 18×18 inches. Using items that are Christmas colors but not actually Christmas is my favorite because they can stay out all year long. Or you can just leave them up during the winter months. You can be strategic with the home decor you buy and find things that will work with all seasons. Or like these pillows even add to the decor.

I bought this set but in the dark brown and I am so happy with them. They have a sturdy Zipper on the bottom that hides really well.

Set Of 4 Pillow Covers

Set of 4 covers 18×18 inches.

So these are over $15 but under $20 BUT they are sets of 4 so you actually get a better deal. They were too cute not to share. The seller as several different groups of four.

Some of these collections are absolutely PERFECT for farmhouse decor themed homes.

Merry Christmas and Christmas Tree Decorations Cotton Linen Winter Deer Pillow Covers Set of 4 Christmas Decor Throw Pillow Covers Cushion Cover 18 X 18

Pillow Covers For The More Mild Decorator

HUAGUOGUO 18 x 18 Inch 2PCs Embroideried Pillowcase,Christmas Holiday Falling Snowflake Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Home Sofa Bed Car Decorative (White)

Here are some things to remember if you don’t like to go crazy with patterns. Use pillows like the two below and style them together to give the warm Christmas feel. While one is a plan color and could be used every day. The patterned gold is not quite so “in your face” isn’t the right word but you know what I mean.

Home Brilliant 2 Pack Burlap Decorative Pillow Covers Lined Linen Cushion Sham for Living Room, 18×18 inches, Light Linen

All Smiles Merry Christmas Gold White Throw Pillow Covers Cases 

Tips For Choosing Pillow Covers

Now this is true for home decor accross the board.

Chose decor that blends and goes together. You don’t want three different themes in the same room or they will compete with each other.

Also choose Christmas decor that does not fight with your wall color or furniture. That is one of the key ways to get your Christmas decor to appear amplified and make the whole room feel beautiful.

Its like a visual battle that does not bring piece to a room.

Christmas is my favorite holiday! I hope these pillows will bring some extra holiday spirit to your home this season.

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