Coffee And Conversations: 3 Things I’ve Been Trying, (and one thing I am giving up)

Its hard to beleive that March is almost over… While I am sad to see time go so quickly I am so ready for warm weather.

We had our first litter of the year in the rabbitry this week and while it has been tough and not without losses it is great to see more babies back on the farm.


I am back to using ClickUp and it has been amazing. I loved it before but the load time for each click was ridiculous. So when I saw they had made some site speed changes I had to give it a try. My main reason for using it was the ability to change text size and make it easier to read and separate text in the card descriptions. Which in trello you cant do after you re-open the card.

Click-up has made it much easier to keep all of my content and business organization clean and neat. What to give it a try? It’s free! Click Here

Being Less Regimented In My Online Business

This is something that is really hard to swallow because I love a good step-by-step guide or to-do list. But the problem with doing that is we don’t let ourselves shine through. The very things that make us tick get buried in the systems and must-dos.

I am a firm believer in making our businesses personal and helping others see the possibilities from our own stories. To do that we have to let go of the things that others say we have to do and start down the path that we are feeling led to follow.


I am a believer in taking action before the ball drops so to speak. As I creep closer to 30 taking care of my skin has been on my mind. Now I am a complete skeptic and want to see results in the product I use before I go whole hog. Well, I made the leap and bought a discovery kit from Tula.

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I can’t say I am completely sold on it yet. Buuut I know better than anyone that you can’t see results right away so I am going to use the kit every day until it runs out then make the call. The facial pads did work great but the serums and the moisturizer I am still up in the air about.

Have something new you are trying? Tell me about it in the comments.

p.s. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with life. Check this post out – 5 Step Process How To Not Feel Overwhelmed [plus 5 bonus tips]

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  1. I liked your blog, you speak in a simple and direct way. I have been trying to read daily, because I realized that it does me good. congratulations on your space.

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