Best Tips To Save Money On Christmas

Trying to do better this year and save money on Christmas?

Christmas is my favorite time of year. But there is one thing that can cause an insane amount of stress. Yep, that would be the M-word. MONEY…

Money is not a bad word and if you handle it well then you will have a stress free Christmas, and life for that matter. This season should never cause dread or the months after should not leave you feeling like we have to recover.

Before you can know the how and where to save money. You need to decide what matters most to you. Is it giving gifts, home decorations, traveling to see family, having special treats for your family get-togethers?

What part of Christmas makes you the happiest. That way you know where you can save your money on Christmas.

How To Save Money On Christmas Shopping

These ideas are around the main cause of feeling like we don’t have enough money is Christmas Shopping. These tips and ideas will help you save money on your Christmas shopping.

Budget and Track ALL of your spending

This might seem like a no brainer but it is one of the most important things people overlook. It is kind of one of those “yes mom” things people roll their eyes on and look for an easy and faster tip. There are some things in life you just can not make go faster.

Here is a free Christmas budget template you can get from a fellow blogger who is also a CPA – Get your Free Worksheet Here. From What mommy Does Blog

Save Money By Giving Time Over Gifts

This is not to say you can’t spend any money. But when you have someone who is hard to buy for or already seems to have everything. Try giving them an experience over an actual gift. An example I did recently was taking my sister to the movies and dinner with my brother over getting a gift.

You could have a cleaning day over getting a gift for a parent or grandparent.

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How To Save Money On Christmas By Shopping Early

There are many reasons this is helpful. First, you are able to find sales throughout the year. Whether it is for food, decorations, or even gifts. But you are also not in the stores being exposed to the “get them to spend more” tactics that are used all throughout the holiday season.

Combine Order To Save On Shipping

Most online shops have free shipping over a certain amount. If you find shops that have meaningful gifts you can also watch to see if they have a seasonal sale.

AND there is nothing wrong with ordering from amazon. You can also save if you have AMAZON Prime.

Pssss… If you try it free for 30 days you can cancel after Christmas.

antique car with shipping boxes.

Save On Stocking Stuffers

Smart Cents Mom – Cheap Christmas stocking stuffer ideas

This is one area that can end up costing you just as much as the gifts. First, add this to your annual Christmas budget allowance. It is easy to overlook the little things and think that they don’t add up to much.

This is also a great opportunity to make gifts rather than buy them. Here is a great collection of DIY Gift ideas that people will actually want.

I feel like stockings can have gifts that are a little bit different with no judgment.

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Save Money On Christmas Decor

I love having as much decor as possible while still keeping it classy. Here are my best two tips for making the most of the Christmas decor you have to save money. But if you want to go deeper you can read the full post here.

Where Do You Spend The Most Time?

As much as I would love to decorate every inch of my house for Christmas I just don’t have the space to store that much after the season has gone. Let alone how much that would cost. So think about the rooms that you are in the most and which rooms will make your home feel like your home is full of Christmas spirit. 

My home is not huge so there are two main areas I focus on. The first is, of course, the living room. The main part of the house is a big circle that includes that dining room, kitchen, and the living room which is one big L shape. The living room is the room we see even if we are just passing by going to the kitchen.  I will get to this in a minute but The spaces I SEE get a lot of attention.

The second one is the bedroom because in the winter we tend to hibernate since all of our normal activities are outside.  It has nothing to do with the fact that we have a space heater that makes that one room warmer than the rest of the house. 🤣 Well ok maybe it does.

burning fire to make the room feel cozy

Needless to say, those are the two rooms I focus on. Sure there are touches throughout the rest of the house but those are the main two. And boy do they get a total makeover.

Focus On Where Your Eyes Hit The Most

Remember how I said the living room is an L shape? When I am walking past the entryway to the living room there is a supporting wall on the left. In my normal daily routines, I don’t see the backside of that supporting wall unless I go into that room. I see the outer edge of the living room multiple times a day. In order to make the most of what I have, I don’t put a lot of Christmas decorations on that dividing wall. There are a few things but not a lot. 

Another reason I encourage you to choose the rooms you focus on is because when you are going to another room other than the areas you spend time in. Your mind is most often on something else. You are not taking in the beautiful decorations as you are moving through the house.  A hallway, for example, can be last on the list for getting decorated.

Don’t let the feeling of guilt or “being cheap” cause you to spend more than you should this Christmas. If your friends and family knew you were going beyond your budget to get them something do you honestly think they would want you to?  Not likely.

Unless they are extremely self-centered they would tell you not to do that. Put a budget in place (with your spouse if you are married) and stick to it. There is no shame in being budget-friendly this year.

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Have an amazing Christmas and it is the joy of the season that makes the best time of year.

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