You can not expect your business to grow if you do not treat it like a business. To get others to see your business the way you do it is time to start presenting it the way you see it. Let me walk you through a few ways to do that.

Treat it like a business

Treat it like a business with your mindset

Oh, my friend mindset can be something that is extremely difficult to master. It is so easy to let our hearts be pulled in a direction that does not make sense for our business.

We must be VERY clear what level we want to take our business.

If we are wanting to create a brand and business, you want to spend your time and money in the areas that will take you to the level you want to reach. It could be something as simple as your branding style or be the words you use when talking to new people that would keep you from reaching your potential.

This is something that will continue to change as we grow and change. Be ok with where you are going and flow with it. If you fight against what comes naturally you will start to hate what you do.

Treat it like a business in your speech.

What do I mean by that? When you talk about your business do you speak of it with confidence? Are you proud to say what you do? If you sound at all like your business is not valuable, your customers will hear that in your voice.

Your speech is also affected by your mindset. The way you talk about your business to family, friends, and potential customers means everything. If you don’t speak highly of your business then why would your customers?

When you say: well… we just do this because we are still learning…..

Truth bomb… You just lost the respect of that person. If you don’t think it is important, neither will those you speak to.

No matter the size of your facebook page or your group make sure you speak of it with pride. Give your customers a reason to think it is a great company and want to get in on the ground floor.

Treat it like a business with your finances

Make wise choices with the investments you make in your business. Think before you hand over your card number. Make sure that the next thing you buy will help your business now not “when things take off”.

When staring at that next sign up page ask yourself these questions BEFORE you hit the subscribe button.

1.Where am I struggling or feel like I need help?
2. If I am not at the level yet will I need help in that area in the next 6-months?
3.Will this product come around again?
4.Will I pay more if I wait to buy?

Struggling with decision fatigue trying to talk yourself out of making a purchase? Read this blog post on when to buy or wait.

Get an accountability partner.
Whether that person is paid (like a business coach) or not, find someone who will understand what you are trying to do. Find someone you can go to when you are feeling stuck. Family members that do not understand how the online world works may not be the best choice. I have figured this out first hand. They mean well but don’t understand all of the moving parts.

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