We all have 24hrs in a day, it all comes down to how we manage the time we have.

We have all heard that before and it never gets any less aggravating. How do some people seem to get so much more done in their 24hr period than others? Personally, I thrive on what could qualify as organized chaos I feel so much better about myself if I have accomplished A LOT in a day. I want to help give you some inspiration and tips to stay focus and accomplish more in your busy day.

My main point I want you to grasp is actually quote in a book by Dave Ramsey.

1.Tell your day where to go so you don’t wonder where it went.

Tell your day where to go.

Every evening make a to-do list for the following day. This helps you clear your mind for a restful evening and allows for you to just have fun with family and pull you mind out of the office. Once you have all of your to-dos on a sheet of paper go back through and put an A by, the items that need to be done today. Thinks like an appointment, business calls, grocery shopping, because there is not enough in the cabinets to make a meal. Things like that.

Then put a B beside everything that would be nice to have completed today but does not have a time or due dates. Now once you have a letter assigned to every item on your list go back through and give each item in the A’s a number (Example; A1, A2, A3), now do the same with the B’s. Now you should have a to-do list that looks something like this.
•A1. To-do
•A2. To-do
•B1. To-do
•B2. To-do

If you are anything like me you probably have more on that list than humanly passable to complete.

This is where the spice comes in. If all you get done that day is the A1 item THAT’S OK! Just move the others to the next day. You got the highest priority accomplished and that is what is important. If you are honest with yourself and gave it your best then you should be ok with that.

Get a Planner

Yes, even you male readers out there… I am sure you can find a manly one;) get a planner and put EVERYTHING you want to accomplish in that planner. I personally have two planners and I will explain why in a minute. My favorites are the planners with one full page for each day so you can write your to-do list in the planner. You may not have an “appointment” each day but we all have things that need to be done. We have to treat those to-dos like they are appointments.

This a where learning to say no comes to be an important part of plan your day. Sure you do not have anywhere to be. BUT! You do have a full day.

This may not be necessary but having a “month at a glance” is extremely helpful when someone wants to set up a meeting and you can quickly look to see how busy your week is.

The peace it brings knowing I do not have 50+ things on my to-do list weighing on my mind helps me enjoy the times spent fellowshipping with others so much better.

The second planner (or printed out monthly calendar)

I also have a 2nd 2-year planner for events that I might attend if I have the time. Or any other projects that need to be done in a specific time of the year but I don’t have a specific date yet.

I know what your thinking “I just put everything on my phone, I don’t need a planner”. What happens if you are on the phone and you need to make an appointment or see when you are available? It is much simpler to have it written down somewhere.

Rather than running around crazy hoping and praying we make it to the end of the day alive, let’s take just 15 minutes the day before to help calm our day to come.

Time batching can also be a really helpful method of getting the most out of your time for both business and life.

You can read more in the link above.


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