Social media might seem daunting and to be honest I have to agree. However, with over 2 billion active users on Facebook alone, there is a huge audience that you can reach using the social media networks. Best of all, its free!

If you want to make an income you must go where the people are. To be totally candid. You will get more impact for your business if you utilize social media then you ever would paying for advertising.

I cover Facebook a lot in this post but keep in mind that these processes work well for almost all platforms.

Word of Caution

The main thing to remember is you do not own anything you post on your social media accounts. If they decide to close your account for any reason they have the right to do so and all of your work is gone. Social media should be your handshake to get people back to your site and on to your email list.

How to utilize socal media for your home business.

Now the list I am about to give you will follow over to almost any social media site. Just be aware that some sites do better with images clear and beautiful images. Like Instagram for Instance.

What to share, what to share…

Figuring out what to post can be one of the hardest things to set a routine. This is not to make your profile boring but to give you some stability and stop the time wasting of what to post when.

  • The happenings around your home or business.
  • Promotions about your latest project or product item (only post sales postings 10%-15% of the time)
  • Share your blog posts.
    • Pull 3 quotes, tips, tools, from your post to post separately with a link back to that post at the bottom.
    • Come up with 2-3 questions you can ask to draw people’s attention with a link to that same post.
  • Find other people’s social media posts in your same niche to share that fit your topic.
  • Tools that you find helpful with affiliate links for them to purchase the item. (Amazon Affiliates)

Putting Your Social Media Content To Work.

Now that you have a few ideas on what to post lets look at how to leverage it.

All of the ideas given above can be used across all of your platforms if you get creative.

Facebook groups – these are going to be your friend. You don’t have to be on Facebook all the time we just want to skim through a few groups that fit into our niche every other day or so for just 10 to 15 minutes.

Find posts where you can be helpful and offer advice to people who need it. Now if it is not your area of expertise then it is best to not comment. Of just offer encouragement if you cant offer a solution. If you find someone asking advice where you can be helpful then give them advice and if it fits you can drop a link back to a helpful blog post on your site that is helpful in that situation?

Find Groups That Allow You To Promot

There are also several groups that do allow promotions on a specific day of the week. Set a reminder for yourself to post every time that option comes available. (Be sure to read the rules of the group, some do not allow this and if you do self-promotion in the wrong group they can kick you out of the group.)

Pro Tip – You don’t have to retype a post every time. Find a tool you like that you can use (like trello )to write your post once then copy and paste from any device if you have the app downloaded.

Every business should have a visibility plan (how people are going to find you) and it does not have to be hard to come up with. If you are struggling with what is right for you without spending hours a day. Drop your question in the comments or in our facebook group and ask there. We would love to have you!


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