Siberian fur is one of those natural medicines that I will say that also befits humans as much as it benefits that livestock.

We had a young turkey break its leg at the joint (no need for the gruesome details) while having some time outside. I used Siberian fir and placed a few drops on the joint within 30 minutes I could see that, while not feeling great, the swelling had gone down and the turkey was not in as much pain. After about two weeks the turkey was able to get around without major pain.

The oil works great for joint pain and stiffness for humans so I keep the diluted oil in a roller bottle in my purse I love it that much.  So all that aside, let’s get to the details.

Siberian fir essential oil uses with pets and livestock

Siberian Fir At A Glance

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Pain relief
  • Anti-bacterial

Oil Uses:  The oil is a great muscular and joint pain relief. It also reduces inflammation in minutes. Apply diluted oil on sore muscles and joints for relief after an injury or hard work out.

The oil helps ease serious breathing conditions for Tuberculosis, bronchitis, asthma, and the regular coughs and colds. Siberian fur is also a very strong antibacterial and can be added to wound sprays or home cleaning sprays.

Places to buy: My favorite place to get oils is Queen Homeschool Supplies. You can find Siberian fur at a very affordable price for a 5ml bottle. Other fir oils will do the same thing as Siberian fir just be sure to research the type of oil before you buy so you do not waste money on an oil that does not do what you hoped.

Risk warnings: This oil is strong and can irritate the skin so should never be used full strength. Best to dilute 50/50 with coconut oil or almond oil. Read this post about various oils you can use to dilute. Do not use on cats or rabbits.


Let us know what you think and how it worked for you.

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