Are you personal, authentic, or both?


Webster has many definitions to both of these words and on the surface, they are both great things to aspire to. Being authentic is a great attribute in an entrepreneur. However, in the online world, it has become a standard by which we measure everything and everyone. If they fall of just a little bit from what WE THINK is them being authentic we label them a poor role model. So what do these two incredibly powerful words mean?

Here is the shortened version of the definitions for both.

Authentic: worthy of acceptance of belief as a comforting to or based on fact.

By using the word authentic we are trying our self-worth to the posts that we share & let the weight other peoples comments affect our very being. That my friend is a stressful way to live.

Personal: relating to, or affecting a particular person, personal ambition.

Being personal is showing that you are relatable. You are making an impact on others, using your story to make their life better and give them the determination to move forward.

Be a blend of both.

While we should always be sharing the truth and not making it look better than it really does. Authentic is not always relatable. We should share what is going on behind the curtain of our business in a way that humanizes the way people view our brands.We are seeing a shift in the online world and entrepreneurship of people moving toward creating a personal brand and showing the truth about themselves in a really personal way making themselves approachable to their audience.

Why does this matter?

We are all here for a reason. Whether you have a nonprofit or a business you are working to create an income for your family, you have a message. You need to grow you audience so others can hear what you have to say. While income might sound like an icky reason let me set your mind at ease.

Non-profits need money to run…  You are shocked I know.

So don’t feel guilty about trying to reach more with your message that could change someone’s life for the better.

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