Our Rabbitry


Correct body type to the ARBA standards is our number one goal. We love beautiful colors but that does not cut it on the show table.


Good temperament is our second most important goal. You and I both don’t want to deal with grouchy animals. We can all have a bad day but we have no patence for agresion here. 

Welcome to Leahs Lovely Lops Rabbitry!

We are so excited you stopped by. Our rabbitry is located in southwestern Ohio in Clinton County. We do our best to keep the pictures up to date on all the animals we have. However, in the summer and fall, we tend to have more animals going and coming so please feel free to ask us about what animals we have available or planned breedings on our for sale page.

– We work to keep our rabbits at the best quality possible without sacrificing their sweet temperaments. –

Our Bucks

Painted Trails PTF477

Solid Gold Tipped Steel

Winnings : 1 Place Solid Jr at OSRBA

Bakers B4333

Broken Chestnut

Our Does

Edens Cloe

Color: Solid Chinchilla



LL's Ellie May

Color: Solid Opal

Winnings: 2 Legs



Color: Broken Chestnut



LL's Sasha

Color: Gold Tipped Steel

Winnings: Brood Only


Painted Trails

Color: Solid Cream



Painted Trails

Color:  Steel




COlor: Solid Chestnut




Color: Tort




Color Frosted Purl



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