Struggling with fleas?

Make your own natural flea spray.

This time of year fleas are a huge problem, many people in our area have trouble finding a monthly flea treatment that really works. I make this spray every year in the late summer when nothing seems to keep my puppies from driving themselves and me crazy from scratching.

flea spray

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Flea Spray Items Needed

Shake well and it is ready to use.

Both the lavender and eucalyptus oil will repel the fleas as well as bring down inflammation and itching the animal experiences’ from the flea bites.

It is best to spray the dogs feel and underside before they come in the house. The fleas will jump off the dog and you want to make sure they remain out of your home. This spray does kill them but you must spray the flea directly.  Continue treatment every time your dog goes outdoors.

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