Manage “all the things” Pep-Talk

Managing your business and home can be very daunting at times. We feel like we have it down pat then something blows it all out of the water. Let me tell you that is a part of life we all go through. There are times when we feel like we can’t keep up or we wonder why we are doing this thing called online business.

You are not alone in that feeling. Some days you might not get everything done and that’s ok. However, do your best and be ok with that.



Think One Or Two Steps Ahead

Thinking ahead is a HUGE part of accomplishing all of the tasks we need to. While we can not know exactly what is coming you will get pretty good with practice. Knowing what is coming down the line will help you be ready if something does get out of order you can respond and not react.

Write It Down

It is a proven fact that women remember things much better if you hand write the task or to-do. So, ladies, I want you to find something that you are willing to use as a daily to-do’s list. Whether its a planner, a notebook you just write the date at the top of the page, or a wall calendar it does not matter. I want you to find something you can use and clear your mind of all the craziness that goes on in our 5-lane-highway minds.

Read more on who to set a purposeful to-do list.

Don’t Try To Do All The Things

So many of us try to do all the things our friends or others we “know” are doing. You run yourself raged before you take a step back and ask yourself why you are doing that thing. Is it because you are wanting to impress someone? Is it really benefiting your family or are you doing it to prove that you are as good as someone else?

Find Tools That Work For You

We hear how one person manages their life and business and we think we should do the same. Here is the thing, we do not all think alike, our businesses are not the same and neither is our family dynamic. You must find a system that works for YOU!

You might like the tool you have, or you might have to tweak the way you use it. Or maybe you find something completely different. Whatever the case don’t be afraid to try things out and make them work. There is not one right way to run a family and business.

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