I want to introduce a new concept to the homestead and agricultural world. If you have not really looked into building a business or entrepreneurship you might not have heard of this term before. Sales funnels are something that happen to us every day on line and in person and we don’t even realize it. We go to the grocery store and the lady behind a portable counter offers us a sample with a coupon for a product in the store. You pick up the jar and put it in your cart.


You, my friend, have just been pulled into a sales funnel.


We all want to sell something to every person we come across or visits our site. The reality is not everyone will want to buy our products. However, I am going to show you how you can set up your own sales funnel to increase your chance of sales.


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Your Pool

This is all of the free content that people can read or get their hands of with out giving you anything. Blog posts, informative pages on your site, free downloads, a resource page. Anything you can create to get people to come to your site.

Opt – Ins

Creating an opt in allows people to get to know you and your product or service a little better. They are impressed with you and want to stay in touch with you. They are willing to give you their email address in exchange for a tool, check list, e-book, how to guides, or some kind of content that is so valuable they can’t say no. Opt ins will help you build an email list which enables you to take people on a free to paid journey.


Easy Yes

Once you have brought a customer this far it is time to offer them a small content up grade. Nothing too costly but they do need to pay something to get this content.

It could be something like a kit that they can make or a small e-course to educate them further.


These are the people who are committed to you and will want everything you have to offer. This part of the sales funnel is the next step up in price and also makes sense from the point of view of the easy yes offer. They need to look at this offer and think “Absolutely, I need that!”


As people come in through the funnel and slowly come to the end of the funnel the number of people willing to buy your high-end products will get smaller. However, the larger the crowd we have to pull from the more sales we will make. It takes time to grow an audience. If you have funnels in place your income will grow and increase as your audience does.


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