Using herbs for rabbits is still very new but natural remedies are so helpful and work wonders if used as a preventative.

After having a rabbitry for 15 years you learn a few things. There are several health issues that can come up in rabbits and let’s face it unless you want to spend a lot of money taking them to the vet we must find other options.

I turned to learning about herbs just a short time after acquiring the breed of rabbits I have now. It never ceases to amazing me the natural medicines most of us have right in our own backyards.

herbs for rabbits

Herbs for Bloat

Though bloat can be an issue at any age it is most common in young rabbits. Whether they are going to a new home, out for the day at a show, or they where a little stressed by something changing in life they can have intestinal issues.

My top two herbs for issues like this are rosemary and lavender. They help keep the animal calm as well as aiding in digestion and keeping them moving internally. To read more about those herbs lick the links above to read about each one.

If I know that there will be a change for them I start feeding the herbs ahead of time. There is rarely a case of bloat that cannot be helped with these herbs.


This is not something that is easy for fun to deal with but an abscess must be lanced. Then apply an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory applied to the affected area.

When removing the infection you will be much better off making the whole larger to get the infection out quicker. Rather than making small incision and working on the affected area little bits at a time. For rabbits, the puss is the consistency of very thick toothpaste when the cap has been left off for a day. So forcing a large chunk through a small hole will also cause the rabbit more pain then if you just made the incision a little bigger.

Skin Infections

This is more for the cases when the rabbit has a weepy eye or moisture has stayed under the dewlap and caused a skin infection. For this, I turn to essential oils. However, you could still make a tea out over almost any herb that has anti-bacterial properties and use them with just as much success.

You don’t need to have a tone of herbs on hand for rabbits. These are the top ones I pick if you had to chose.

These are just a few of the issues that we might face while raising rabbits. Do you have an issue you are struggling to find a cure? Ask us in the comments and we will do our best to find a natural option for you and your animals.

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